Ludacris Reacts To “Battle Of The Sexes” Success, “Hip Hop Ain’t Dead, It’s No. 1 On The Charts Right Now!!!”

Ludacris Reacts To “Battle Of The Sexes” Success, “Hip Hop Ain’t Dead, It’s No. 1 On The Charts Right Now!!!”

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has publicly thanked his fans for supporting his new album, Battle of the Sexes, which topped the charts in its opening week.

Luda expressed his gratitude and credited his album as proof of hip-hop’s relevance.

“THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY FANS BATTLE OF THE SEXES ALBUM IS THE #1 ALBUM IN THE COUNTRY!…RT @questlove: how high can you chart? congrats to @ludajuice on Battle Of The Sexes being the #1 album of the country,” he wrote on Wednesday (March 17). “RT @Bootsy_Collins: congrats to @ludajuice on funk’n his way all the way to the #1 spot on the charts… Rt @ludajuice congrats at having the #1 spot. Battle of the sexes is a must have. Go cop it folks!!! (via @yj_divahustler) BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Def Jam’s 1st #1 album of the year 2010. Download on iTunes or grab the CD from the nearest Store ASAP! What ya’ll go to say about the topic #hiphopaintdead #hiphopaintdead, as a matter of fact it’s #1 on the charts right now!!!” (Ludacris’ Twitter)

The rapper’s Theater of the Mind follow-up sold over 137,000 copies in seven days.

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris’ Battle of the Sexes made its way onto the charts this week opening at No. 1. According to Nielsen Soundscan, the Southern emcee’s compilation disc has sold 137,300 records after seven days in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

He recently talked about the success of his “Get Low” single becoming platinum certified for digital download sales.

“This marks my ten years at Def Jam, in the music industry as a successful artist and as you can tell, I’m just as hungry as when ‘What’s Your Fantasy’ came out,” Luda explained. “A lot of people were comparing this to ‘What’s Your Fantasy,’ so another ten years, we’re gonna keep going and hitting them — I’m one of those artists that likes to make everybody’s job easier and I’ll continue to do that no matter how many records I sell, no matter how much success I get, I will continue to stay the same person, a hard-working individual…” (The Life Files)

Earlier this week, Luda also informed his fans that he made Billboard history.

“On the way to Acapulco Mexico to tape MTV spring break to Promote Battle of The SEXes. It’s Hard work but somebody’s gotta do it… Ha!!!!!,” he wrote earlier today (March 15). “Just received word that because of the fans we have made history yet again.Thanks 2 Taio Cruz, im theOnly rapper 2 have 5 #1 billboard hits.” (Ludacris’ Twitter)

Check out a recent Ludacris interview down below:

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