Ludacris Promotes Census 2010 Awareness W/ Road Tour

Ludacris Promotes Census 2010 Awareness W/ Road Tour

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has teamed with the federal government to encourage thousands of Americans to fill out their 2010 Census forms.

According to reports, the rapper has launched a tour to help spread awareness.

The 2010 Census ‘Luda on the Block’ radio and home visit tour is slated to hit 5 nationwide AA targeted destinations (Dallas 3/19, New Orleans 3/23, NYC 4/5, Washington DC 4/6 and Atlanta 4/9). It gives Ludacris fans an opportunity to log on to participating radio station websites and write how their neighborhoods could benefit from 2010 Census funding. Some fans will be given a chance to meet and discuss the 2010 Census with him in person. (Press Release)

Luda has also released a statement confirming his involvement on the multi-city run.

“I look at our communities now and I see many empty lots, closed clinics, dilapidated schools and an overall breakdown of social services for the poor and elderly,” says Ludacris. “Today is a day for change. I plan to knock on doors in various neighborhoods around this country to try and dispel any myths about the Census. It’s important that we all stand up and be counted so we can help create potential financial opportunities for our dying communities.” (PR Newswire)

Since being distributed earlier this month, forms are already being returned.

The U.S. Census Bureau announced Wednesday that about 20 percent of census forms have been completed and sent back one week since they arrived in American mailboxes. Those figures suggest this year’s census is set to match or surpass participation rates from 2000, officials said. In an effort to drive those numbers up higher, the Census Bureau and Google have teamed up to track response rates in real time. (Washington Post)

Known for his humanitarian efforts, Luda previously spoke with SOHH about raising funds with T.I. to help Georgia flood victims last fall.

“I just raised over $100,000 with T.I. for the flood victims here in Atlanta,” Luda explained. “There’s a particular part of Atlanta called Douglas County where most of the families were impacted. Overall there’s like 6,500 families and 82 percent of them did not have flood insurance so they’re just kind left out there. We live in this city, we make money from this city, we’re giving money back and asking people for donations. We raised over $100,000 yesterday by calling a lot of our friends, like [Young] Jeezy, Chris Tucker, so many different people. If I were to get the money it would go towards that. I think there will be people suffering from the flood for quite some time. I’ve been talking to [T.I.] via email while he’s been incarcerated. We are no stranger to helping and we both came up with the idea that we needed to do something about it. I was talking to him just generally speaking beforehand.” (SOHH)

Check out a recent Ludacris interview below:

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