Ludacris Paper Stacks W/ T.I., “[We] Just Raised Over $100K For Flood Victims In ATL”

Ludacris Paper Stacks W/ T.I., “[We] Just Raised Over $100K For Flood Victims In ATL”

With the recent reports of Ludacris and T.I. linking up for a charity to help Georgia flood victims, SOHH hit up the head honcho of Disturbing Tha Peace to find out how he got together with the incarcerated rapper.

Ludacris is currently competing with Carmelo Anthony and Rob Drydek in the TAG Signature Series campaign to raise money for the flood victims he helped this week.

“I just raised over $100,000 with T.I. for the flood victims here in Atlanta,” Luda explained. “There’s a particular part of Atlanta called Douglas County where most of the families were impacted. Overall there’s like 6,500 families and 82 percent of them did not have flood insurance so they’re just kind left out there. We live in this city, we make money from this city, we’re giving money back and asking people for donations. We raised over $100,000 yesterday by calling a lot of our friends, like [Young] Jeezy, Chris Tucker, so many different people. If I were to get the money it would go towards that. I think there will be people suffering from the flood for quite some time. I’ve been talking to [T.I.] via email while he’s been incarcerated. We are no stranger to helping and we both came up with the idea that we needed to do something about it. I was talking to him just generally speaking beforehand.” (SOHH)

Earlier this year Luda, basketball player Carmelo Anthony and professional skateboarder/”Rob and Big” star Rob Dyrdek launched their signature TAG scents.

“Whoever’s can sell more will go to the charity of their choice,” Luda told SOHH. “Of course, you already know who is going to sell the most. There is no competition. I’m sure Carmelo’s fragrance compared to mine probably smells like his foot. Rob’s fragrance compared to mine probably smells like Big.” (SOHH)

Ludacris and T.I. came together and partnered with retail chains including Home Depot and Sam’s Club.

TIP’s Grand Hustle label teamed up with Ludacris’s Ludacris Foundation to show concern for families victimized by the tragedy. The two entities donated $10,000 to Home Depot and Sam’s Club for their relief effort to help 20,000 families affected by the floods. (Hip Hop Wired)

The victims were reportedly hit with more than a week of rain last month which led to the flooding.

The flood was caused by eight days of steady rain. The Ludacris Foundation has teamed up with Home Depot and Sam’s Club to help those displaced. The foundation is currently planning a local weekend food bank. (Vibe)

Damages done to the various areas total roughly $250 million.

Heavy rain triggered widespread flooding across Georgia, causing $250 million in damage and placing more than a dozen counties on the list to receive federal aid, officials said. Atlanta officials said at least 500 homes and businesses were damaged from the storms. More than 3,600 residents and businesses had already applied for aid as of last week, the Federal Emergency Management Association said. (Pioneer Press)

Check out a recent Ludacris interview below:

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