Ludacris Not Worried About Dropping The Same Day As Kanye, “He’s Going A Different Direction”


Two of Def Jam’s biggest hip-hop artists will both be dropping new albums on Monday, (November 24). SOHH recently caught up with Ludacris to find out how he feels about going head to head with Kanye West.

Though new albums are typically releasd on Tuesdays, Ludacris’ Theater of the Mind and Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreak will both be released on Monday.  “That’s the same week as Thanksgiving and on Thursday the stores are closed becasue of the holiday so they just added an extra day for the seven day week,” Ludacris explained.

Kanye famously faced-off against 50 Cent on September 11, 2007 and he emerged the victor. His third studio album, Graduation sold 957,000 copies its first week on the charts. Still, Ludacris said he wasn’t shook when he heard that he and Kanye had the same release date, especiaily since Kanye’s album has a distinctly different sound this time around.

“I knew he was going a completely different direction on this album than what he usual does with him doing more singing and the auto-tune thing and me just rapping my heart out,” Luda told SOHH.  “I felt like it was a good thing because in a recession people need good innovative music to help them through stressful days.”

Despite the current economic climate, the Atlanta-based rapper hopes that both he and Ye will see a boost from Black Friday, which is the official start of the Christmas shopping season.

“This is the busiest shopping weekend of the entire year,” he said.  “People are going to go out and they’re going to get two albums, hopefully they will get both albums. You have some Luda fans.  You have some Kanye fans. You have some Luda and Kanye fans but what’s important is that you go out and get some good music.”

Regardless of who sells more albums, Ludacris assured SOHH that releasing the same day as Mr. West is ultimately a good thing.  “I honestly felt great about it. Competition is one thing…this is my sixth album. You win some you lose some. Who knows what’s going to happen here but I feel like its going to be a winning day for the both of us.”

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