Ludacris’ Ex-DTP Member’s Video Vixen Sex Tape Surfaces

Ludacris’ Ex-DTP Member’s Video Vixen Sex Tape Surfaces

Former Disturbing Tha Peace member Bobby V is making weekend headlines with reports claiming one of his homemade tapes is currently being shopped around to the higest bidder.

Details of the sticky situation surfaced online Sunday (May 12).

“Sex in the Lounge” singer Bobby V doesn’t limit himself to lounges … he does the nasty in all kinds of rooms … as evidenced by a new sex tape claiming to feature the R&B singer being shopped to the highest bidder. The XXX vid — which we’ve seen — is several glorious minutes of Bobby doing his best impersonation of Ray J … i.e. getting it on inside a hotel room while filming himself at the same time. (TMZ)

Despite allegedly starring Bobby V, there is no word on whether he is aware the footage is circulating.

Specifically, Bobby and the naked chick — who we’re told is a video vixen — kick things off with some very specific touching … before diving in to the full on sex-having. The seller is clearly looking to make a buck off the sale and it’s unclear if Bobby is aware the steamy vid is being shopped. We reached out to him, but no word back. (TMZ)

In April, renowned homemade video star Ray J said he would never make another sex tape after blowing up from his mid-2000’s footage with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

“No man, I’m done. That was a time in our life where we took something negative and we tried to spin it into something positive in our life and we tried to move forward. And that’s what we did and now looking back, we were just having fun. We’re taking things that happened in our life and we’re poking fun at it, we’re laughing at it, we’re giving the crowd something to talk about and enjoy and laugh and that’s what this is. And I can’t wait for people to see the video because it’s one of those … people watch SNL, people watch other stuff that you can look at and sort of chuckle at. That’s what this is. It’s nothing more than that. Lighten up, let’s have fun, let’s go into spring and summer the right way.” (The Boom Box)

Last spring, Young Money’s Drake admitted to having his own sex tape stash.

Drake owns all his sex tapes. The 25-year-old rapper – who previously dated Rihanna – insists he is very cautious in his life and ensures he always takes precautions to ensure any of his reckless behavior remains private. He said: “I don’t live recklessly. I don’t have skeletons in my closet. It’s not necessarily me covering it up or trying to be defensive, I just don’t do the dumb s**t in the first place to get in trouble. “If I’m drunk, I’mma go out the back door. I ain’t gonna walk out the front so you see me stumbling and dropping my keys. I’m not that guy, I’m not that dumb. “I wanna be in this position as long as I possibly can. I mean, I will be honest, any sex tape I’ve ever made, I own it.” (Winnipeg Free Press)

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