Ludacris Busted For Posting Fake Instagram Pics? Photographer Comes Forward

Ludacris Busted For Posting Fake Instagram Pics? Photographer Comes Forward

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris is making less-than-friendly headlines this week after allegedly being busted for trying to present photos onto social media he did not take. #giveprops

According to reports, overseas photographer Paul Pichugin is the mastermind behind images Luda posted onto Instagram.

On Thursday, the rapper posted a serene beachscape to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, which have a social media following of over 28 million. The only problem – it was apparently lifted without credit from the Instagram account of local photographer Paul Pichugin. “One of my Instagram followers spotted it and tagged me in Ludacris’ post so I could see it,” he said. “At first I was pretty excited, but when I saw there was no credit I thought that wasn’t cool because it doesn’t actually do anything for me.” (WaToday)

After a few attempts at trying to reach Luda on social media failed, Pichugin decided to take more serious action.

“Initially I sent him a message on Instagram and then I tried reaching out on Facebook, but those accounts have lots of followers so I’m guessing I’ve been lost in the noise.” Mr Pichugin has now filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notice with Instagram and Facebook. “If you can prove the image is actually yours, they will remove it usually within 24 to 48 hours,” he said. (WaToday)

Recent reports revealed Luda sold one of his luxury Los Angeles homes for over $800,000.

We got pics inside the 2 bed, 2-bath West L.A. condo he sold for $830K. He paid $669K for the place back in 2002 … right after “Area Codes” blew up, by the way. Luda also sold a 2nd unit in the same building … but lost a couple hundred grand on that one. If the condos seem like small potatoes for Ludacris … keep in mind he recently paid $4.8M for a baller pad up in the Hills of Hollywood, and still keeps a $2.8 million crib in Atlanta. (TMZ)

The rap star made headlines last April after a judge ruled against him in a child support case.

Ludacris has been embroiled in a nasty child custody battle and in new legal documents exclusive obtained by, the Georgia judge sided with the rapper’s baby mama and he’s been ordered to pay her legal bill. “Petitioner shall pay to Respondent’s counsel, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars ($35,000.00), in addition to any amounts previously awarded or paid, as an award of temporary attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation,” the March 20 ruling reads. “Said amount shall be paid to Respondent’s counsel within 10 days of the date of this order.” And because Ludacris’ motion to have Fuller found in contempt was denied, he was knocked an extra $2,000 in fees for that too. (RadarOnline)


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