Ludacris Accused Of Jacking Rapper For His Own “Sex Room”

Ludacris Accused Of Jacking Rapper For His Own “Sex Room”

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris is making headlines as new reports claim he is being sued for using portions of an aspiring artist’s lyrics for 2010’s “Sex Room” Battle of the Sexes track.

According to reports, a Chicago hip-hop artist is largely responsible for the song’s existence.

The rapper — a guy named Marvo — claims he concocted the original concept for “Sex Room” back in 2009 … a year before Luda released it with Trey Songz. Marvo claims he’d been working with a producer named Kajun — but the dude sold the song to Ludacris behind his back. Marvo says Ludacris changed parts of the song … but released it with many of the original lyrics, including multiple lines written by Marvo — such as, “Welcome to my sex room” and “It’s a private party.” (TMZ)

Marvo has also reportedly added the song’s guest feature Trey Songz to the suit.

Marvo says he hasn’t gotten a penny for his tune and is now suing Ludacris and Trey Songz for an unspecified amount of loot. But we have to give credit where credit is due … there are a bunch of genius lyrics on “Sex Room” that Ludacris came up with himself … like, “Feelin’ high but I’m hung real low / Lookin’ sorta like a tripod.” (TMZ)

Outside of the legal battles, Luda recently found himself in a real-life fight during a club appearance.

Ludacris was involved in a fight last night at Atlanta’s new night spot PrivĂ© where he was partying with girlfriend Eudoxie and other friends. Luda was apparently enjoying the night when a man attacked him with a bottle from no where. He acknowledged and joked about the incident later on Twitter as it definitely appears like neither of them suffered any serious injuries. (HHNM)

The Atlanta rapper even hopped onto his Twitter page to address the post-fight speculation with funny tweets and a few videos.

“My Bentley Got hit in the head w/ a Bottle Last Night! #Helluvanight,” he tweeted June 15th.

“Eudoxie gets hit in the head w/ a bottle last night at the club!! #Helluvanight #nowthatsludicrous”

“Some random Booty got hit w/ a bottle last night at the club!! #Helluvanight #nowthatsludicrous″

“Shouts to iceboxjewelry. I had ALL my jewelry pre-fight & post-fight. Lol #helluvanight” (Ludacris’ Twitter)

Check out “Sex Room”:

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