Lucy Liu & Pretty Girls Inspired Kanye West, Says RZA

Lucy Liu & Pretty Girls Inspired Kanye West, Says RZA

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA recently discussed Kanye West‘s involvement on his Man with the Iron Fists original soundtrack and how the “White Dress” hit came together after Ye laid his eyes on actress Lucy Liu.

Per RZA’s request, Ye peeped the flick during its editing process and put his touch to a particular scene featuring the Wu head and Liu.

“With Kanye, it was a little different because he was invited into the editing room very early,” the Wu-Tang vet told MTV News, explaining that West actually got a chance to see some of the film before recording. “When I had the scene done with Lucy Liu and all of these pretty girls, I reached out to him and said, ‘I want you to come to the editing room and see this scene and potentially give me a song for it.’ So he came in, watched the scene and he loved it, and all he had was a demo of the music. I told him, ‘You could take this music, add to it and flip it, because I know how good you are at what you do. But the main thing is that I want it to be a female-based song.'” (MTV)

Ye took in the scene and came back with one of the soundtrack’s most notable hits.

The end result was just as good as he’d hoped for. “He went and came back with ‘White Dress,’ which is a female based song,” RZA said. “[In the movie scene], Lucy Liu walks in — not with a white dress — but she does come in with a gown, and somehow his lyrics really resonate with the scene.” (MTV)

In early October, a snippet of Ye’s “White Dress” landed online.

A one minute snippet of Kanye West’s highly anticipated song “White Dress” hit the web tonight. The song will appear on The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack, and is co-produced by RZA, who also co-wrote and directed the film. The snippet was posted on Chicago-based music blog FakeShoreDrive, and we can expect the full song to be online by the end of the week. The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack drops October 23. (Complex)

On the snippet, Yeezy delves into a tale of a close-knit romance turning sour.

“Remember I used to do things that’d make you laugh,” Ye raps. “Like ordering a girl drink in a masculine glass/You like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain/Rockin’ flannels all summer like Kurt Cobain — You the type of girl that probably deserves a new last name/But, they never let us do our thing/Everybody lyin’ about who I bang/We was on fire but they blew our flame/Ain’t no denying, baby, you have changed/Now your high heels clickin’, lip gloss glisten, your hips start switching, you’re pissed, start flipping/’Cause even when we kissing, baby girl, it feel different…” (“White Dress”)

Check out “White Dress”:

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