“Love & Hip Hop” Star’s Baby Mama Drama Caught On Tape, Arrest Footage Leaks [Video]

“Love & Hip Hop” Star’s Baby Mama Drama Caught On Tape, Arrest Footage Leaks [Video]

Weeks after making headlines for getting arrested on child support charges, footage of “Love & Hip Hop” cast member/manager Rich Dollaz‘s run-in with police has now surfaced.

In the footage, Dollaz is initially shown doing an interview before getting interrupted by police.

In this clip, Rich Dollaz (long-suffering manager of Olivia primarily for the purposes of the reality show Love and Hip Hop) is begrudgingly being interviewed by the Mouth To Ears blog in the lobby of a hotel….when cops show up to arrest him. The arrest allegedly traces back to an ongoing child support claim. And while it seems like a bit of a hassle (especially when the baby mama pressing charges appears outside the hotel to scream at Dollaz for added melodrama)…if you notice how surly and condescending Dollaz is in the beginning of the interview, maybe the interruption wasn’t so inconvenient after all. Kismet! (Miss Info TV)

Gossip and speculation of the arrest sizzled online around mid-January.

January 11, 2013: Just when you thought that the show Love And Hip Hop NY couldn’t have any MORE drama . . . one of the stars, Rich Dollaz was ARRESTED last night in Memphis – for CHILD SUPPORT. You see, his babys mother Chaundrea Nicolle had him put on Child support for their 12 year old daughter earlier this year. According to Chaundra he NEVER really paid any support. But Rich claims that he is not CERTAIN that the girl is IN FACT his. Either way, Rich went to Memphis, Chaundra’s home town, yesterday to do a party. And Chaundra tipped off police – who apprehend Rich at the airport. Rich was released on bail and then he took to Twitter to GLOAT about getting out on Twitter. (Media Take Out)

This comes weeks after Rich reportedly got engaged to fellow “Love & Hip Hop” cast member Erica Mena.

Last night, we were on hand for a screening of the new season held at Kiss and Fly Club, and Erica dropped the bombshell that she was engaged to Rich Dollaz. The two are currently in the midst of planning a summer wedding and Erica has a new “R” tattoo, which she reveals in the first episode of the show. (Necole Bitchie)

Back in 2010, former G-Unit member Olivia spoke to SOHH about having love and respect for the renowned manager.

“He’s a character” Olivia told SOHH with a smile. “I love Rich, I’m glad we teamed up. We probably met, I wanna say six or seven months ago. And it feels like I’ve known him my whole life. So it’s a great connection with the both of us, we work very well, I don’t have to tell him what I need done, like, he’ll call me and be on top of it all the time with like interviews and whatever. Most managers don’t talk to their artists on a daily basis and he does that, which is really good.” (SOHH)

Check out the arrest footage:

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