“Love & Hip Hop” Star Says Prodigy Never Got Deep Inside Her, Denies Rapper’s Sexual Claims

“Love & Hip Hop” Star Says Prodigy Never Got Deep Inside Her, Denies Rapper’s Sexual Claims

Newly-added “Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena is stepping forward to clear the air on speculation stemming from Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy’s “My Infamous Life” autobiography describing an alleged sexual encounter between the two.

Via statement, Mena denied Prodigy’s claims and labeled him as a liar.

“For the record: Erica Mena has never been sexually involved with either party of the group Mobb Deep. Not now. Not ever. All claims in Prodigy’s book are completely false. She has only worked with them in the past. If Prodigy is referring to the time that she met them while working, please let it be known that Erica was only 16 years old at the time,” the statement reads. “The content in this book is blatant defamation of Ms. Mena’s character and is nothing more than fabricated slander – in an awful way to gain financial profit. Although, we wish him the best in the new year, the spread of these false and malicious claims – at the expense of Erica Mena’s brand and reputation – will not be taken lightly. Erica and her team are currently pursuing legal action to make sure this matter is handled, and the truth is thoroughly publicized. We hope this clears any gray area, doubt, or un-readiness.” (VIBE)

Rumors claiming that Mena and Prodigy shared a singular sexual experience have circulated online this week.

Back in the day she used to “date” Havoc of Mobb Deep. But after a few drinks in the VIP room, she sorta let his Mobb Deep partner Prodigy get some finger action. Ew. And Prodigy spilled all the deets in his 2011 book My Infamous Life. (The YBF)

In the rapper’s book, he details what reportedly took place during a social gathering.

Havoc spotted a video vixen he used to mess with named Erica, a good-looking Latina female who rode in the passenger seat of Fabolous’s GT Bentley in his “Breathe” video. Hav pulled her onto the couch where we were standing when he spotted another one of his chicks. “Keep and eye on Erica,” he told me as he headed toward the other woman. “Okay, cool,” I said. Erica was just as twisted as I was. Havoc was gone for a long time so I grabbed her in front of me, my arms wrapped around her waist, my hands at the front of her black cocktail dress. […] I put my hand up the front of her dress and started fingering her right there on the couch in front of everybody. She had no panties on.” (“My Infamous Life”)

Last week, Mena took aim at VH1, blaming the network for hurting her image after editing a physical altercation scene between her and “Love & Hip Hop” cast member Kimbella.

“Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena tells TMZ, the vicious, glass-smashing, hair-pulling cat fight between her and Kimbella Vanderhee has torpedoed her modeling career — and it’s all VH1’s fault. But the 24-year-old tells us, she was completely misrepresented in the episode — blaming show editors for unfairly portraying her as the bad guy … and Kimbella as an angel. Erica tells us, “My whole image in my career is now affected by this. I wanted them to pull this clip because I don’t want to show this side of me.” Clearly, VH1 refused. (TMZ)

Check out a recent Erica Mena interview below:

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