“Love & Hip Hop” Star Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

“Love & Hip Hop” Star Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

“Love & Hip Hop” cast member Emily B may have split with Brooklyn rapper Fabolous, however, she has come forward to speak on rumors claiming that she has been impregnated by him once again.

Hopping on Twitter, Emily quickly killed the pregnancy gossip.

“RT @ENVY_AsjaRaye: @EmilyB are you preggers?! Check media takeout!<– NO LOL SMH..,” she tweeted December 21st.

“RT @ELLE_B00GIE @EmilyB MediaTakeout Is The WORST. Their So Called Snitches Need A New Gig<–i don’t understand why people believe that site”

“@neshablaque I’m not pregnant lol ” (Emily B’s Twitter)

Rumors claimed she was likely carrying a child possibly fathered by Fab or a couple of NFL players.

MediaTakeOut.com just got word that EMILY B, star of the reality show Love & Hip Hop is pregnant. Word is that she spoke with one of the producers about how they could “use a pregnancy” in next season of the show. So . . . we know what you’re wondering, who is the child’s father??? Our bet is FABOLOUS – the two have been ON-AND-OFF for the better part of a decade. But Emily has ALSO been recently linked to NFL stars MIKE VICK and DARELLE REVIS. She needs a paternity test ALL THREE on the next season of the show . . . LOL!!! [sic] (Media Take Out)

Recently, Emily said her next love interest would likely not be someone from the music industry.

“What love life? It’s non-existent. I’m in that weird in between stage where I’m not where I was, but I’m also not ready to date anyone else. [Date another rapper?] Absolutely not. I would prefer not to date anyone else in the music industry. I’d like to date someone with a normal life, like a school teacher. In fact there’s a teacher at my daughters school that I have a little crush on…I’m just kidding. Hmmm, I guess just to take a break. We just wrapped shooting and I have a clothing line coming in the fall of 2012 and I’ve been doing a lot of styling. So I guess my holiday wish is just have some quiet time with my kids.” (Necole Bitchie)

Prior to their separation, Emily explained her difficulty in splitting Fab from his rap personality and actual self.

“He’ll go on the radio and they’ll ask, ‘Are you single?’ And he’ll say ‘As a dollar bill.’ But it’s funny because he’ll text me, and be like, ‘Don’t listen to the radio.’ I honestly feel and believe that [Fab the rapper] is a personality. … He’s so intelligent. He teaches me so much. When we’re at home he’s not a rapper. He’s John. He’s not this guy everybody else sees. I’d rather him just be John at home with the kids, sitting at the dinner table eating with them. I couldn’t tell you what the pros, because to me, a pro would be just to have him at home.” (Juicy Magazine)

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