Lord Jamar Stands Behind Jabbing Kanye West: “Rocking Dresses W/ Mean Faces, That’s Not Hip-Hop”

Lord Jamar Stands Behind Jabbing Kanye West: “Rocking Dresses W/ Mean Faces, That’s Not Hip-Hop”

After raising eyebrows by unleashing a direct shot at men’s current fashion and targeting Kanye West as a trendsetter over Instagram, Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar has hit up SOHH to explain his comment.

Rather than apologize or remove his post, Jamar said he fully stood behind pointing the finger at Mr. West for inspiring questionable men’s fashion.

“First of all, it’s not just jabs at Kanye West,” Jamar explained to SOHH. “It’s anybody promoting the feminization — of the Black man in hip-hop culture. Anybody that I see out there, rocking dresses and all of that type of sh*t, I might shoot a jab at. But Kanye is one of the ones right now that’s representing that movement. He’s one of the first ones that you see in a skirt. Now you got other people following suit and rocking full-out dresses or they’re trying to rock kilts. We’re not Irish. We’re not Europeans. Rocking kilts and all that is just another excuse to introduce that skirt style. You understand what I’m saying? And I’m not with it. This has nothing to do with sexuality, who they choose to be with and all that, I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking specifically about, what is hip-hop? And that’s not hip-hop. Rocking dresses with mean faces, that’s not hip-hop.” (SOHH)

Jamar hopped onto his Instagram page over the weekend to give his take on men’s skirts.

“Y’all Cee where the Kanye sh*t is takin us right? #halfafag,” LJ posted onto Twitter January 26th. (Lord Jamar’s Instagram)

Last month, Mr. West sparked outbursts from R&B singer Chris Brown and Dipset’s Cam’ron after rocking a kilt during the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy relief televised special.

Two of Kanye West’s former confidants are slamming his wardrobe choice at last week’s 12/12/12 Benefit Concert in New York. There were at least two people who didn’t find it all that funny: R&B singer Chris Brown and Harlem rapper, Cam’ron. “That sh*t suspect. Can’t get with that swag. N*ggas gone be wearing heels next,” Chris Brown added on Instagram. (RumorFix)

Cam initially started the anti-kilt tweets days prior to Brown.

Killa didn’t tred lightly last night during Kanye West’s 12.12.12 concert performance. The Diplomat took a moment to call out Kanye West and his fashion via Twitter. “Pyrex and a skirt? Sh*t ain’t adding up And if u co-sign this I’m blocking u!! Straight up. Ima have to save us.” This isn’t the first time Kanye West broke out the leather kilt or as most call it, a skirt. The G.O.O.D. Music general performed numerous times with this very look (minus the hoodie) during the very successful Watch The Throne tour. Is Ye’ too far left field with his fashion look or is Cam’ron hating a little bit. (The Source)

Yeezy’s gear also reportedly motivated someone to create a Twitter account in its honor.

The look Wednesday night, however, elicited chatter and Tweets from fashion police all over including this less than flattering response from New York rapper, Cam’ron. According to FOX news, Kanye’s Skirt now has a Twitter account and by Thursday morning had garnered 1,000 followers. This is too much. Crazy – although I must say his performance was pretty phenomenal. He performed a nice selection of his hits from “Jesus Walks” to “Gold Digger” The performance was filled with the artist’s best work. (Philly)

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