Lord Finesse Won’t Ditch Mac Miller $10 Mil Lawsuit, “His People Did Not Handle His Business Correctly”

Lord Finesse Won’t Ditch Mac Miller $10 Mil Lawsuit, “His People Did Not Handle His Business Correctly”

Rap veteran Lord Finesse has responded to backlash from his $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller over the unauthorized sampling of his music and said the Pitttsburgh emcee’s camp is mainly at fault.

Finesse also said his problem with Miller’s “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” is deeper than a free mixtape.

“1. I appreciate Mac’s kind words but his people did not handle his business correctly,” he tweeted July 11th.

“2. Basics – Mixtapes are one thing, but you can’t take someone’s else’s entire song, shoot a music video and call it your own.”

“3. Mac’s on the top of his game right now. I wish him the best in Europe and I hope to hear from him besides on Twitter.” (Lord Finesse’s Twitter)

Early Wednesday morning, Miller hopped on Twitter to address the multi-million dollar lawsuit.

“I did nothing wrong. We spoke on the phone had a good conversation, he was cool with the record.”

“It’s all love tho. I ain’t even mad at dude. He still a legend.”

“4. When I heard there was a problem, I reached out to him to try and solve it. No response.”

“Lord Finesse, thank you for what u did for hip hop. Thank you for bringing my favorite rapper into the game.” (Mac Miller’s Twitter)

Finesse’s pricey lawsuit’s basis stems on Miller’s sampling of the 1995 classic “Hip 2 Da Game.”

Rapper Lord Finesse says in a $10 million lawsuit that 20-year-old rap star Mac Miller ripped off his 1995 hit “Hip 2 Da Game” to launch his music career. “This is a case about a teenage rapper- Mac Miller- copying the music from a song written, produced and performed by Lord Finesse, a hip hop legend, changing the title and then distributing it under his own name in order to launch his music career,” the complaint states. “In 2010, Mac Miller recorded himself rapping over Finesse’s music and renamed the song ‘Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza’ (‘The Kool Aid Song’),” according to the complaint. Miller signed with Rostrum in July 2010 and released a mix tape called “K.I.D.S.: Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Sh*t,” which contained “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza.” (Court House News)

The hefty lawsuit specifically demands monetary damages for a handful of cited violations.

The $10 million lawsuit alleges copyright infringement, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, interference, deceptive trade practices, and a number of related state law claims. Finesse also seeks a permanent injunction from the court. The rapper is represented by Brian Levenson and Matthew Schwartz of Schwartz & Ponterio in New York. (Court House News)

Check out the “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” music video below:

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