Lola Monroe Breaks Silence On Wiz Khalifa Break-Up: “You Can’t Get Dropped Unless You’re Signed” [Video]

Lola Monroe Breaks Silence On Wiz Khalifa Break-Up: “You Can’t Get Dropped Unless You’re Signed” [Video]

Washington, DC rapper Lola Monroe has finally come clean on what exactly is going down with her and Taylor Gang’s Wiz Khalifa in light of widespread break-up reports.

While she did not dig too deep into the topic, Lola revealed she never had a contract with Wiz’s growing Taylor Gang clique.

“I mean, you can’t get dropped unless you’re signed. You know what I mean? Plain and simple. Business is business and you keep it moving during certain circumstances but at the end of the day, it’s all love as far as a personal level, you know? Business is business though.” (HHW)

Reports of Monroe and producer Cardo having their direct ties to Taylor Gang cut surfaced last month.

“After years of helping build their careers, we did not feel as if the relationships were mutually beneficial,” a Taylor Gang executive told XXL. “We wish LoLa and Cardo the best but hope they move on in their respective directions without affiliating themselves to the Taylor Gang brand or name.” (XXL Mag)

Coincidentally, some reports did claim Lola and Cardo were never officially signed to Taylor Gang despite their publicized partnership.

Monroe, who Wiz referred to in July of last year as the best female rapper around, was featured on Taylor Allderdice and Wiz’s most recent album O.N.I.F.C., while Cardo was one of the main architects of both Taylor Allderdice project and Wiz’s breakout 2010 mixtape Kush and OJ. Neither, however, had official contracts or deals in place with Taylor Gang, despite earlier reports, according to label reps. (XXL Mag)

This past summer Wiz announced rapper Ty Dolla $ign as his latest Taylor Gang signee.

“Look here, man, I’m not even going to hold you people anymore,” Wiz said in an video. “This dude right here makes amazing music, I’m a huge fan, been a huge fan, so it’s only right that Ty Dollar $ign joins Taylor Gang, you know what I mean? It is what it is, he smokes a ton of pot, too. So we’re going to pass the jar, it’s a little thing we like to do over at Taylor Gang, just a small token of our appreciation for coming over here. And congratulations on a dope a** mixtape. Beach House 2, make sure you guys go and get that right now. I’m passing the jar, bruh. Smoke that.” (Civil TV)

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Check out Lola Monroe’s interview:

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