LoLa Monroe Addresses Eviction & Homeless Rumors

LoLa Monroe Addresses Eviction & Homeless Rumors

An attorney for ex-video vixen LoLa Monroe has come forward to address recent speculation that the rapper was recently evicted and homeless in Maryland.

Based on a statement from attorney Paul W. Gardner, the gossip is false. has a history of erroneous reporting and the story which hit this week continues that trend. Previous rumored reports regarding my client have been posted on this website and were found to be untrue. Enough, is enough. Any further attempts to discredit Ms. Monroe will be met with additional legal review.” (Statement)

Reports of LoLa’s speculated financial woes hit the Internet this week.

Here’s a report, from a TRUSTED MTO snitch who lives in Washington DC. I always thought [Angel Lola Luv] was broke cuz she aint have no car but i gave her the benefit of the doubt cuz she had a nice crib. Get this… Lola got evicted recently! She has shacked up with [struggling] rapper “Los”, a baltimore artist that was signed to badboy and dropped from the label just as fast. SHE LIVES WITH LOS, HIS PARENTS, ANDDDDD HIS GRANDPARENTS IN THE HOOD IN BALTIMORE! She is officially broke. (Media Take Out)

Earlier this year, Monroe revealed that she had retired from being a video vixen.

“I’m not doing that anymore,” she revealed in an interview. “I’m not doing videos, unless it’s a cameo. No magazine shoots, unless it’s promoting my music. It helps, kind of, but it also became an obstacle. It helped me brand my name and get my name out there, but at the same time, with the visuals, the sexy pictures, me being known as a model made it hard for people to really take me in as an artist. It’s like a gift and a curse.” (The Washington Post)

The rapper previously took on comparisons to female artist Nicki Minaj.

“I don’t do the Barbie thing — that’s her thing,” LoLa said in an interview. “I really don’t agree with it, that’s basic. It doesn’t make sense to me because first off, you’re basically saying I’m jacking somebody who has never been known to have their style all throughout their career. She’s never been set to have her own style. It’s always been set to say she’s jacking Lil’ Kim to Foxy [Brown] and now Lil Wayne. So how can I be jacking somebody or using somebody’s style if they never been known to have their own style. That part never made sense. That’s one.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out a past LoLa Mornoe interview down below:

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