LL’s Not Cool W/ Cop Killer Question: “It Would Be Disrespectful”

LL’s Not Cool W/ Cop Killer Question: “It Would Be Disrespectful”

Grammy-winning rapper LL Cool J recently reacted to questions about whether or not he would consider a biopic role as deceased killer Christopher Dorner just weeks after the ex-officer’s death.

Rather than consider adding another potential acting job to his portfolio, LL acknowledged the people affected by Dorner’s gruesome murders.

LL Cool J must know he bears a striking resemblance to accused killer Christopher Dorner, but he wants NO PART of a movie about Dorner … at least not yet. Outside Katsuya in Hollywood last night, we asked the Grammy host/rapper/”NCIS: Los Angeles” star about possibly doing a biopic, but he quickly nixed the idea. LL told us, “That’s not something to even talk about because there are families that suffered, people that died. And because of that, I think it would be disrespectful to them to … have this conversation about a film when people’s lives were on the line.” (TMZ)

Since the deceased killer’s image became widespread, there have been various celebrity comparisons to him, most notably LL Cool J.

It is amazing how remarkable the resemblance between Chris Dorner and LL Cool J is. Even though LL Cool J wears a hat most of the time he may want to be very careful until dorner is brought to justice. After seeing the type of justice delivered in the Los Angeles ares he should be very woried being in public these days. (Examiner)

Debate on how the reward money, which led to Dorner’s death, should be divided up has turned into a hot topic.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Dorner reward should be split among the three people mentioned in the Feb. 25 editorial. These three people were directly affected by Dorner and their actions led to him no longer being a threat to society or a burden on the police departments that he was determined to terrorize and kill. That being said, I do believe it would also be appropriate for people to rally around the families of the fallen officers, as well as the families of the first two innocent victims who were killed simply because of their relationship with a retired police officer. (Daily News)

Dorner is believed to have killed himself in a stand-off with police last month.

Christopher Dorner, the former Los Angeles police officer who went on killing rampage appeared to have killed himself, authorities said. The autopsy showed that Dorner’s cause of death was a single gunshot to the head. “The information that we have right now seems to indicate that the wound that took Dorner’s life was self inflicted,” said Capt. Kevin Lacy of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department in a press conference Friday. Dorner, 33, was found dead after a standoff with police. The cabin where Dorner barricaded himself in went up in flames on Feb. 12. (ABC News)

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