Lloyd’s Post-Murder Inc. Debut First-Week Sales Projections Revealed

Lloyd’s Post-Murder Inc. Debut First-Week Sales Projections Revealed

R&B singer Lloyd‘s post-Murder Inc. debut, King of Hearts, is reportedly en route to sell up to 25,000 copies after seven days in stores.

Based on one-day estimates, the project will easily debut on the sales chart.

Columbia Records’ Beyonce gets another week for her new album 4 at #1, where the likes of fellow female superstars like Adele, Jill Scott and Lady Gaga have recently made their home. On this week’s chart, 4 sold a total of 313k to debut on top over Adele. With the fourth of July hitting on Monday, labels held back on their releases. The only significant newcomer this week is Interscope R&B crooner Lloyd, whose King of Hearts is his first album since 2008’s Lessons in Love. The first single, “Lay It Down,” was a Top 10 hit on the R&B charts last year. Initial one-day sales reports from those music retailers who haven’t paved paradise to put up a parking lot now peg the release’s sales in the 20-25k range. (HITS Daily Double)

Earlier this week, Lloyd hit up SOHH and named his top five reasons fans should support the new LP.

“I have Young Jeezy on my “Lay It Down” remix record and you’ll see why he’s one of the most consistent acts out in the South. Every time he’s come out, he’s done a million or two million and the streets love him. Regardless of what’s hot. Streets love Jeezy. We were able to lock down so many different demographics on one record which is good because it allows me to influence a bigger audience and wider range of people. It allows them to be more familiar with my music.” (“5 Reasons Why You Should Buy”)

He also said his collaboration with R&B legend Patti Labelle is reason enough to cop the solo album.

“Another reason is because I collaborated with Patti Labelle. That makes me one of the coolest by far. I was able to track down Patti Labelle because I’m one of the coolest. It should say a lot right here. You get to see me with Patti Labelle. Just seeing us together on one track. She’s my mama on the record. To me, it’s crazy right there. I just think it was really, really thought out. I felt like it wasn’t just because I have Patti on there, it was more than a feature. It was us on there together. She sang it hot, too. She sang her butt off. Not only am I working with Patti, but I’m working with her in rare form. She killed it. She may be one of the best R&B artists in over the past 20 years.” (“5 Reasons Why You Should Buy”)

After announcing his move from Murder Inc. to Interscope last year, Lloyd said there was no initial need to force out an album.

“I don’t feel the need to rush to release an album. It’ll be out later this year. I got a couple of title options, but I’m not 100 percent sure yet,” he explained. “I love the way Interscope gets down. I love the way Jimmy [Iovine, label head] gets down. I’ve always had a good working relationship with Polow [da Don, producer]. Having that creative partner is something I wanted to have, since the very beginning, to have that one creative partner. Mike [Jackson] had it with Quincy [Jones], Janet [Jackson] had it with Jimmy [Jam] and Terry [Lewis]. Justin has it with Timbaland. I feel that me and Polow have something special. I’m really looking forward to that. I also admire Jimmy [Iovine] as a producer. He loves producers. He’s got Will.I.Am, Dr. Dre, Polow, the Neptunes, Timbaland. That’s what he does. I’m looking forward to it.” (MTV)

Check out a past Lloyd interview below:

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