Lloyd Responds Back To Irv Gotti’s Disses, “His Opinions Don’t Dictate My Future”

Lloyd Responds Back To Irv Gotti’s Disses, “His Opinions Don’t Dictate My Future”

Former Murder Inc. artist Lloyd has responded to recent remarks from ex-boss Irv Gotti, specifically in regard to getting put on by the music executive.

Despite Gotti’s remarks, Lloyd said there is no ill will toward him.

“I just want to say I have no problems with nobody, right?,” Lloyd said in an interview. “I know all his people, real close — We all pretty cool. So that’s definitely one man’s opinion about the situation and I’m just thankful that his opinions don’t dictate my future, that his attitude doesn’t really affect my life, or his problems don’t affect my life.” (Shade 45)

The R&B crooner also used the opportunity to address Gotti taking credit for launching his career.

“I think in the interview he says something about I took him and I helped him out or something, basically put me on. But when I met Irv, I brought him all my music and everything I’ve ever released has all come from me. Irv never produced, he never wrote anything. The only thing he did was release it for me, which was great, and I’m very thankful for it.” (Shade 45)

Earlier this month, the music executive revealed his issues with Lloyd.

Ashanti is cool. Ashanti is one thing. Me and her had our little thing and it is what it is. She’s not as bad as Lloyd,” Irv said in an interview. “Lloyd, I have no love for. Because here’s a person that I helped out. The minute he left, I let you go. You wanted to leave, I let you go. And you gon’ say, ‘Well Gotti did this and Gotti did that.’ N*gga, you went platinum with Gotti. You went gold with Gotti, you went platinum with Gotti. What you doing now with Interscope? What’d you sell, like 15 units? I’m not saying to pay homage to me…I let you go! You wanted to be your own man or whatever, get outta here.” (RapFix)

In 2009, Lloyd came clean about his complications with Murder Inc.

“I’ve made a lot of changes,” Lloyd said in an interview. “I’m happy than I’ve ever been. I’m happy to say I worked out my own release and I am very optimistic about the future. Ever since I was signed, I was dedicated to trying to make good music, something that’s worth hearing. And just trying to work with this rubble that I was given and build something out of it — being the current state of the label when I first arrived. I didn’t really have too much to work with…The label itself had no distribution. I was forced to record my own music with my own money with my own friends, while I was still under contract. All I had was me and my management and my friends in Atlanta…It wasn’t so much person as it was business. I’ve learned to separate the two and sometimes in this business there is no friendship, no bottom line. The sad thing is a lot of young guys come into the game very early without knowledge or without a guidance in their lives and they fall victim to the glitz and the glam. I always try to look past that and keep my eyes on the prize which was becoming a great artist and really making music history one way or another.” (Lloyd Music TV)

From 2004 to 2009, Lloyd was signed to Murder Inc./The Inc.

Check out Irv Gotti speaking on Lloyd below:

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