Lloyd Banks To Rick Ross, “Check My Record-Selling Background” [Audio]

Lloyd Banks To Rick Ross, “Check My Record-Selling Background” [Audio]

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks recently called out Rick Ross and reminded the Miami rapper of his own past successes with album sales.

Speaking with G-Unit associate DJ Whoo Kid, Banks also poked fun at the rapper’s jewelery and recent New York City album signing appearance.

“You got fat, corny n*ggas like Rick Ross, it’s just so easy to actually make records,” Banks explained in an interview. “He’s gotta ride his wave as long as he can. You know, the funny part, he’s always talking about his success and sh*t that he did, he need to check my record-selling background. This the sh*t that be killing me, shut up n*gga. I got the diamond tester too, I’m gonna have it at the next awards show too…[His album signing in New York,] it was like minus two people there. That n*gga had barricades lined up like he Justin Timberlake or something. Who the f*ck is you, n*gga…That n*gga’s not even half of what I am [lyrically.] That n*gga nowhere near where I’m at, man. You crazy? I’m on another planet somewhere, better get the f*ck outta here with that sh*t.” (Radio Planet TV)

Banks’ last two solo projects both landed within Billboard’s Top 5 on their opening weeks.

In 2004, G-Unit soldier Lloyd Banks’ debut disc, The Hunger for More, opened at #1 on Billboard’s albums sales chart, with week-one sales topping 433,000, and it ended up spending a second-straight week at #1, selling close to 164,000 units. In 2006, his sophomore album Rotten Apple, with first-week sales totaling close to 143,000, fell more than 40,000 albums short of a chart-topping repeat and settled instead for the chart’s #3 position. (MTV)

In addition to interviews, Banks has also resorted to diss songs including “Officer Down” to address Ross.

“Too easy man, can’t a motherf*cker ’round you see me/You need an AK and a Genie, a whole pound of Wheaties,” Banks raps. “He been talking ’bout the weight he push/Used to punch the clock in jail/Drove his mama car around/Now he got what you want for sale/See it, I bought it/It’s official if I flaunt it…We’ll be here long after you disappear/This is proof/One fifty one in the booth…You Super Thug/I’m kryptonite/Sleep with me, your b*tch just might/Same promotion, different fight…This is like practice/Pay your taxes before you spit my name all backwards…50 bodies you, I just lay the chalk around.” (“Officer Down”)

Along with taunting G-Unit, Ross labeled Eminem both a “monkey” and “honkey” in a video last week.

“N*ggas cut throat,” he declared in a video. “You know now they saying ‘monkey’ could be black-on-black racial, keep saying monkey. So the only way I can fix that, Eminem, you’re a monkey. He’s really a honkey, but that’s racial. You’s a monkey, you n*ggas monkeys…’Wood Face,’ it’s no longer Curly, now you’re Wood Face. Eh, Whoo Kid, I found out you’re making 300 a show, my deejay makes way more than you. You’re nobody. Do me the biggest favor, hit me up.” (Spiff TV)

Check out Banks’ interview below:

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