Lloyd Banks Takes On G-Unit Haters, “I’mma Rap My A** Off This Year”

Lloyd Banks Takes On G-Unit Haters, “I’mma Rap My A** Off This Year”

Lloyd Banks has discussed the backlash that his G-Unit crew has been experiencing lately and why he is out to prove himself to fans once again.

Banks believes that the Unit has been looked down upon since they first found success in 2003.

“A lot of the backlash was due to the success of G-Unit,” Banks concluded. “People forgot about the talent we possess and just start thinking about all the business moves…I wanted to go back to the formula. This is what you respect? You respect rappers? Well, I’mma rap my a** off this year. I’m still in that zone…’Beamer, Benz or Bentley,’ is just one record. I got another smash on the way with somebody that they probably never thought I would work with.” (MTV)

Earlier this month, G-Unit’s Tony Yayo said 50 Cent would be releasing the crew’s upcoming solo efforts.

“Everybody all knows, me and [Lloyd] Banks are not on Interscope anymore,” Yayo explained in an interview. “We’re not on a major anymore. Me and Banks are dropping two albums in the summer independently, through a deal that 50 [Cent] is conjuring up for us. It feels good to know that I have no red tape put on anything…If I had to deal with Interscope, I’d have to deal with the label and they’d have to sign off. Now I can do what I want. It’s exciting to work with new guys. Some of these kids shooting video are [teenagers]. It’s new energy. A lot of these labels need new energy – people who are willing to bust they butt, go in and do what they’ve got to do.” (Hip Hop DX)

Banks recently spoke on carrying the G-Unit flag as the “future” of 50’s brand.

“Well the status is, I am the present, the past and the future,” Banks explained in an interview. “So they can definitely look forward to that. Tony Yayo, of course. The founding members are always gonna be there. We built this up, gave opportunities to other artists that were signed including [Young] Buck and Game and so on. But as long as that structure is there, we’re good. We’re solid. You can look forward to me, I’m the future. This summer [for my album]. It’s a tight schedule…hopefully we can push for late summer.” (“KG Radio Show”)

Last September, Banks touched to his chemistry with Yayo and Fif.

“Oh yeah, that sh*t is crazy,” Banks told DJ Whoo Kid about an upcoming mixtape he’s on with 50 Cent. “I mean, that’s back to where it started. Once we get in there, it ain’t really much talking going on, to be honest with you. It’s always been a good competition with us, it’s only competition. I mean, we don’t really need nobody else you know what I’m saying, because nobody else was here in the beginning. We’re locked in that room and it’s on and popping, automatic pilot. Probably about eight songs done a night, two days, that’s a mixtape.” (Sirius Satellite Radio)

Check out a past Lloyd Banks interview below:

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