Lloyd Banks Steps To Rick Ross, Releases “Officer Down” [Audio]

Lloyd Banks Steps To Rick Ross, Releases “Officer Down” [Audio]

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks has responded to a recent direct diss from Rick Ross by striking back with his new track, “Officer Down.”

The “Punch Line King” takes time to dismantle Ross’ recent claims in the song by lyrically firing back at the Miami rapper.

“Too easy man, can’t a motherf*cker ’round you see me/You need an AK and a Genie, a whole pound of Wheaties,” Banks raps. “He been talking ’bout the weight he push/Used to punch the clock in jail/Drove his mama car around/Now he got what you want for sale/See it, I bought it/It’s official if I flaunt it…We’ll be here long after you disappear/This is proof/One fifty one in the booth…You Super Thug/I’m kryptonite/Sleep with me, your b*tch just might/Same promotion, different fight…This is like practice/Pay your taxes before you spit my name all backwards…50 bodies you, I just lay the chalk around.” (This Is 50)

Rick Ross called out Banks in his song “Push ‘Em Over The Edge.”

“Lloyd Blanks, I know you wonder why I ain’t say nothing about your b*tch a**,” Ross says in the song. “But I can never acknowledge you. You sucked your assistant’s d*ck on tape and he licked it. You’re a f*cking, d*ck sucking, f*ggot…Lloyd Banks, your career is over.” (You Tube)

In addition to the new Banks track, G-Unit has also recorded a video for their anti-Ross song “I’ll Be The Shooter.”

“I’ll never stop/I’m laying at your mama’s spot,” 50 raps, “Squeeze ’til the lama’s hot/And have your a** in trauma ock/I cause havoc, you come in my vicinity/Motherf*ck the police, Officer Ricky, enemy.” “I sleep with my gat, it’s us three against the industry, let’s keep it at that,” Banks raps, “N*ggas yappin’ about who dress the best…Your shady background/You’re probably with the cops/You ain’t street, you need to stop.” “‘Maybach Music,'” Tony Yayo says, “Y’all n*ggas want trouble/I’ll run up on that CO and stab his a** in the bubble.” (World Star Hip Hop)

50 also released the Jackson 5 sampled song “Tia Told Me” dissing both Ross and DJ Khaled.

“…Shut the f*ck up/We don’t wanna hear your ‘Mafia’ tough talk / Your f*ck boys don’t fly up in New York / You wanna listen to [Fat] Joe, you wanna listen to Khaled / Fine, I’ll just f*ck everybody up while I’m at it / First ‘We The Best’ then it’s ‘We Depressed’ / After the sh*t flopped, they like ‘D*mn We Stressed’ /We a mess, he’s not the n*gga to test / 90 degrees out here and we gotta wear our vests / Call me crazy, go ‘head call me crazy / Me and your baby mama gon get intimate maybe…” (Google Video)

Check out Banks’ new song below:

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