Lloyd Banks Says Tony Yayo Found His Hunger

Lloyd Banks Says Tony Yayo Found His Hunger

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks recently discussed rediscovering the motivation to lead a prosperous hip-hop career shortly after being dropped from Interscope Records last year.

According to Banks, he was inspired by talks with G-Unit’s 50 Cent and Tony Yayo.

“When you win, we all win together. When you lose, you lose by yourself,” Banks recalled 50 Cent’s comments after he was dumped by Interscope in 2009. “Those words haunted me,” Banks said of 50 Cent’s remarks. “But it’s the truth. [50 Cent] is supportive, but to a certain extent. He couldn’t overextend himself. I was confused at the time. But it’s what I needed. I became more hungry.” (ABC News)

Banks said he was re-invigorated when Yayo named him one of his favorite emcees.

When he was dropped by Interscope, Banks said he saw his large entourage shrink to only a few people. One of the few people who gave him continuous support was Tony Yayo. “He would always tell me that I’m one of the best doing this,” Banks said. “He called me one of his favorite rappers of all time. That’s all I needed.” (ABC News)

Prior to signing a deal with EMI Music over the summer, Banks said Interscope Records tried to re-sign him.

“50 heard from them,” Banks told radio personality Cosmic Kev referring to Intescope Records. “They calling right now trying to figure out how to get the boy back in the building. They have to drop the apology bag first. You can drop that bag and say, ‘I’m sorry. I will never ever doubt you again.’ That’s just a contract to talk. So it’s still not solidified. Then I might just take it and go get a little drop and something.” (Cosmic Kev)

Although he aims to continue his rap career, Banks recently admitted he does not want to be rapping beyond the age of 40.

“I’m a fan of music. I keep a lot of my scraps, you know what I’m saying? I’ll save them for my kids or my grandkids. I’m just in love with the process of making music. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. But, then again, I don’t see myself doing it in my 40’s. Well, I won’t say that I’ll ever stop recording music. But, I don’t think I’m going to have to want for certain things. Right now, this is my girlfriend. Hip-Hop is my girlfriend, hip-hop is my kid. Hip-Hop fills the void of the things that I don’t have. I pay it 101% attention. I don’t think I could be as good a father, or as good a husband or anything like that — the way I am as an artist — until I’m not an artist anymore.” (Baller Status)

Check out a recent Lloyd Banks interview down below:

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