Lloyd Banks Says Eminem “HFM2″ Collabo Delivers 1-2 Punch [Video]

Lloyd Banks Says Eminem “HFM2″ Collabo Delivers 1-2 Punch [Video]

G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks is ecstatic over the bonus Hunger For More 2 Eminem feature, “Where I’m At”, believing it is one of the best songs he’s collaborated on with the Shady Records boss.

Despite having frequently worked with Em since 2003, Banks said their new record’s content and lyricism is particularly unique.

“Me and Em got a record, it’s called ‘Where I’m At,'” Banks revealed in an interview. “It’s crazy. Lyrically, it’s taking it to another place. I’ve had records with Em prior to this, or he’s been on my records and I’ve been on his album, this is a unique record. And it’s powerful. I think people are going to like it for a few different reasons because the subject matter is one thing and then the delivery. Just the fact of us going back and forth. It’s gonna be crazy — Em did his portion, he played it over the phone. He played me the verse over the phone, you really can’t risk sending things like that then anybody’ll have it.” (Rap-Up)

Last month, 50 Cent and Em pulled a prank on Banks claiming he allegedly said he did not want to do a feature with Slim Shady.

“Did you say something to somebody about you didn’t want him on the record,” 50 questioned Banks to which the rapper responded, “Why would I say that? To who?” “That’s what was being said from [Em’s manager] Paul [Rosenberg]. Man, this sh*t is getting crazy. I’m gonna be straight up with you, all right? I think this sh*t is getting a little funny between me, you and [Tony] Yayo and everything else that’s going on because look at how crazy it is actually getting him to rap on your record and I don’t understand what’s going on anymore. I don’t know, when I talked to Paul, Paul pulled me to the side and he’s talking to me like, ‘Yo, what’s going on. Why you don’t want Em? Are you kidding me? He’s the biggest rapper, you can’t get any bigger.” (This Is 50)

Yesterday, Banks released the tracklisting to his new album.

1 Take ‘Em To War featuring Tony Yayo 2. Unexplainable featuring Styles P 3. Payback featuring 50 Cent 4. Home Sweet Home featuring Pusha T 5. Beamer, Benz or Bentley featuring Juelz Santana 6. So Forgetful featuring Ryan Leslie 7. Father Time 8. Start It Up featuring Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Swizz Beatz and Fabolous 9. Celebrity featuring Akon 10. On The Double 11. Any Girl 12. I Don’t Deserve You 13. Sooner Or Later featuring Raekwon (Hunger For More 2)

A few weeks ago, Banks talked about lining up Kanye West and Swizz Beatz on his “Start It Up” single.

“The whole Kanye thing happened, it was shortly after the tweetthat he wrote, the comment he made about me being underrated and should be in everybody’s top five,” Banks told MTV News over the phone Thursday. “We read that statement, and it kind of took off on its own. I definitely appreciated that. Just for him to say that opens up the eyes that have been watching him [to me]. And from there, it made sense to go into the studio with him. Shortly after that, we went into the studio…That was one of the last joints I recorded for my album. Originally it was me and Fab, then I got Kanye, then Swizz was in the city and so was Ryan [Leslie]. The difference from that track being me and Fab and having Kanye was 24 hours. I didn’t have it for a minute. We did it recently.” (MTV)

Hunger For More 2 is scheduled to drop Tuesday, November 23rd.

Check out Lloyd Banks’ interview down below:

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