Lloyd Banks Says Ashanti Nearly Engaged In G-Unit/Murder Inc. Beef [Video]

Lloyd Banks Says Ashanti Nearly Engaged In G-Unit/Murder Inc. Beef [Video]

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks has revealed former foe Ashanti warned him of a possible consequence regarding his camp’s rivalry with Murder Inc. in the early 2000’s.

According to Banks, Ashanti said she could have easily dissed him after being the victim of the rapper’s past taunts.

“She was appreciative,” Banks told DJ Vlad when explaining her reaction to his recent apology. “We joked about it and she was like, ‘Yeah n*gga, I could have got your a** too.’ She could have dissed me back. You know what I mean? Who knows, I could have took a dive but nah, she understood what time it was. I just felt like that was cool for me to do, being that it was said. You got family members, everybody that might remember that time, so why not make it right before we go into the future.” (Vlad TV)

Earlier this month, Banks opened up about apologizing to Ashanti for past remarks he made about her during their camps’ disputes.

“I had a chance to talk to Ashanti over the telephone,” Banks said in an interview. “I mean, my reasoning for apologizing, I just felt like I should. Even at the time when we were going back and forth in that feud with Murder Inc., she wasn’t speaking. She wasn’t throwing shots or anything. I think if you’re a part of the game then you should get played. At that time, she just was on the roster, so I just felt like it would be cool for me to just apologize for some of the things that were done in the past. Even though it was done in hip-hop, it wasn’t anything personal. It just felt that I should do that.” (BET)

Banks previously revealed making an apology to the songstress.

“Ashanti was in the mix over there, she was like the R&B one,” Banks said when briefly discussing G-Unit’s 2002 beef with Murder Inc. “Yeah, I actually spoke to her and apologized for some of the things I’ve said in the past before I even let the conversation go anywhere, first off. I was thinking about it, somebody brought it to my attention. We were groomed to go off like that at that point. Anybody would have got it. But we’re past that.” (Rap Fix)

Banks’ “What Goes Around,” which dropped around 2003, name checked Ashanti.

“I’m in the hood cause I’m hood/You in the hood cause you ain’t got no choice/Your top seller gettin’ sticked for his shine/Either I’m blind, or Ashanti’s sideburns is thicker than mine.” (“What Goes Around”)

Check out Lloyd Banks’ interview below:

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