Lloyd Banks Recalls His “Biggest Freestyle” Ever

Lloyd Banks Recalls His “Biggest Freestyle” Ever

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks has recalled putting together his 2002 underground “Victory” freestyle and explained why it is undoubtedly his biggest mixtape song ever.

Claiming he was no older than 20 when he put the track together, Banks opened up about some of the lines which helped solidify his spot as a rap newcomer.

“That has to be overall the most–the biggest freestyle I had as far as impact wise. Even DJ Clue will tell you that’s when he felt I went from being a mixtape dude to the next dude they expect to pop from the mixtapes…It wasn’t recorded in a million dollar studio, but the line was clever because of what I was doing at the time. At that time, I was recording the mixtape material in Sha Money basement, but we were flying back and forth to L.A. to Dre studio. So, I was in Em, Dre studio with that mentality, bringing that back to Sha Money studio. Honestly, I knew what I was following behind. Biggie was one of my favorites. When I did ‘Victory,’ everybody knew that was one of his biggest verses. So to fall behind him, I knew there was pressure behind it. I just wanted to add a different feel. At that time, I was thinking punchline wise. A lot of people used to ask me, ‘Yo you going to run out before the album,’ but when I write naturally, I write witty. I write from the perspective of being different. So, that was one thing that never troubled me. There was a few lines [I liked]. I said, ‘I think I’m the last rapper to scare n*ggas since Craig Mack.’ There was even the Master P line and its funny because I have 100 percent support for Master P, but his sneaker was [ugly] at the time.” (Rap Radar)

Banks also said his freestyle got the attention of Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy.

“That was the first freestyle I performed. Not only did it help me as far as my recognition goes, but it helped me performance wise cause I got used to being by myself for a whole verse. It’s hard to keep people in tuned for a whole verse with no chorus–on a mixtape too. The breakdown toward the end of the verse, is when I learned over time you can’t rap the same bar cadence throughout 50 bars you got to at some point change it up. Puffy called and got 50 on the line and wanted me to be part of the [Ready To Die] album cause they rereleased it. And of course I did it just off the strength [because] that’s one of my all time favorites. I put my all into that, bar for bar.” (Rap Radar)

Aside from freestyles, Banks is currently prepping the release of his third solo album, The Hunger For More 2.

“My first album came out in 2004, so I got people following me from then and prior to that since the G-Unit album, so it dates back further. And at the same time, I’m trying to generate new fans. That’s the challenge. In any order [Tony Yayo and 50 Cent’s albums will drop.] It’s all money [and] really ain’t no rush, whichever project is done first. [Yayo] is working, so you can definitely expect a Tony Yayo album early next year as well as the 50 Cent album.” (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Last month, EMI Music Vice President Mike Harris released a statement announcing the signing of G-Unit Records to his company.

“We are delighted to join forces with G-Unit and artists who are truly marquee names in hip-hop. G-Unit is a huge force. Lloyd Banks knows how to deliver a lyrical punch and his single has already generated huge anticipation for the album.. Tony Yayo is a totally unique talent, and ‘Pass the Patron’ already has the hip hop world buzzing about his album coming out next year.” (Hip Hop N More)

Check out Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent’s “Victory” freestyle below:

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