Lloyd Banks Reacts To “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley” Gold Status [Video]

Lloyd Banks Reacts To “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley” Gold Status [Video]

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks has taken a moment out of his daily routine to thank fans for helping make his “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” single become a certified gold hit.

In addition to their support of his underground hit, Banks also displayed gratitude for the warm reception he has received with his new “Any Girl” single.

“Ah yo, what’s up man, this is your boy, the PLK, Lloyd Banks,” the rapper said in a video. “I wanna take this time out to thank everybody for supporting me and the ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley’ record. We just got certified gold, over 500,000 copies sold. Definitely appreciate that and the support going forward in the future with the ‘Any Girl’ record featuring Lloyd. The video is out there, it’s crazy. Shout-out to all my fans on Facebook, everybody, all my people. Much love, one.” (This Is 50)

Writing via Twitter last week, Banks announced that the single had reached gold status.

“RT @Nikkidene: CONGRATULATIONS TO @LLOYDBANKS !!! BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY HAS NOW SOLD OVER 500,000 COPIES INDEPENDENTLY!!!!!!!!,” Banks wrote Thursday (August 26). (Lloyd Banks’ Twitter)

The track has earned a steady buzz since its release six months ago.

Released in February of 2010, the Juelz Santana-assisted record produced by Prime became a radio and commercial success without major label backing. During the time of the heavily-remixed song’s climb on the charts, Banks was renegotiating a contract at Interscope Records. Earlier this month, the G-Unit emcee finally reached an agreement with EMI Records to distribute his next album. That release, The Hunger For More 2, is planned for November, and is said to carry “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” with it, as well as the Lloyd-assisted “Any Girl.” (Hip Hop DX)

Banks’ record was also well-received in the hip-hop community in the form of multiple remixes.

“I’ve got so much love and a good response on this record that it’s actually going to have to be more than one remix because it goes by markets,” Banks told VIBE, careful not to drop names. “You got Down South, you got the West coast, you got the East coast. Different regions take different records. I thought the Maino version was cool, I like the Joe Budden verse. Fab is cool too and there’s so many more, but those are the ones that stick out to me. They’re playing that Joell Ortiz version a lot in NY, too. I still think mine is the tightest, but hey [laughs].” (VIBE)

Check out Lloyd Banks’ video down below:

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