Lloyd Banks Puts DJ Whoo Kid On Time-Out, “I Made That Guy So Much Money” [Video]

Lloyd Banks Puts DJ Whoo Kid On Time-Out, “I Made That Guy So Much Money” [Video]

Lloyd Banks is placing associate DJ Whoo Kid on a suspension in light of the financial benefits the producer has reaped from the profit of their mixtape projects.

Along with talking about Whoo Kid, Banks said he was not inspired to release another mixtape any time soon.

“Well Whoo Kid, he’s on like, he’s suspended right now, at the moment,” Banks said in an interview. “I made that guy so much money and did so many mixtapes with him. I put out five mixtapes in a year. He’s been hitting me lately because he knows I’m getting ready to drop, so he’s pressing me for a mixtape but I don’t know man. I know I’m gonna scatter material out so they’re gonna be hearing freestyle material on radio shows, the Internet, sprinkling it all around. But as far as a whole body of work on a mixtape, I don’t know if they gonna get one. I mean, we’ll see how things go but I never stop working on that underground material because it gives me the advantage to speak on current events. Who knows, somebody could speak on Banks tomorrow and something would be out by Friday.” (Civilized Talk)

Banks recently revealed his “Victory” freestyle off DJ Whoo Kid’s No Mercy, No Fear 2002 mixtape was one of his biggest to date.

“That has to be overall the most–the biggest freestyle I had as far as impact wise. Even DJ Clue will tell you that’s when he felt I went from being a mixtape dude to the next dude they expect to pop from the mixtapes…It wasn’t recorded in a million dollar studio, but the line was clever because of what I was doing at the time. At that time, I was recording the mixtape material in Sha Money basement, but we were flying back and forth to L.A. to Dre studio. So, I was in Em, Dre studio with that mentality, bringing that back to Sha Money studio. Honestly, I knew what I was following behind. Biggie was one of my favorites. When I did ‘Victory,’ everybody knew that was one of his biggest verses. So to fall behind him, I knew there was pressure behind it. I just wanted to add a different feel. At that time, I was thinking punchline wise. A lot of people used to ask me, ‘Yo you going to run out before the album,’ but when I write naturally, I write witty. I write from the perspective of being different. So, that was one thing that never troubled me.” (Rap Radar)

The rapper has been able to maintain a steady buzz for almost a decade now and most recently had his “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” single certified gold.

“Ah yo, what’s up man, this is your boy, the PLK, Lloyd Banks,” the rapper said in a video. “I wanna take this time out to thank everybody for supporting me and the ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley’ record. We just got certified gold, over 500,000 copies sold. Definitely appreciate that and the support going forward in the future with the ‘Any Girl’ record featuring Lloyd. The video is out there, it’s crazy. Shout-out to all my fans on Facebook, everybody, all my people. Much love, one.” (This Is 50)

According to compiled lists, Whoo Kid and Banks have worked on at least ten mixtapes together.

2003: Money In The Bank 2003: Mo Money In The Bank Part 2 2004: Mo Money In The Bank Part 3 – Ca$hing In 2006: Mo Money In The Bank Part 4Gang Green Season 2006: Mo Money In The Bank Part 5 – The Final Chapter 2008: Top 5 And Better Series – Return Of The PLK 2008: Top 5 And Better Series – Halloween Havoc 2009: Top 5 And Better Series – The Cold Corner 2009: Top 5 And Better Series – 4-30-09 AKA Reborn 2009: Top 5 And Better Series – V5 (Wikipedia)

Check out Lloyd Banks’ interview below:

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