Lloyd Banks On Shyne’s G-Unit Dissing, “That Guy Lost It, Man” [Video]

Lloyd Banks On Shyne’s G-Unit Dissing, “That Guy Lost It, Man” [Video]

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks recently talked about Shyne taking shots at his boss, 50 Cent, and said the convicted felon’s current material is wack.

Referring to Shyne’s “Un-Thinkable” diss, Banks explained G-Unit’s reaction.

“I heard maybe one or two freestyles prior to that one,” Banks told DJ Envy referring to Shyne’s Un-Thinkable remix. “So it was kinda like getting worse and worse for me. I didn’t even wanna ask him if he heard it, because I know he ain’t hear it and he said, ‘What’d he say?’ I said, ‘It was sad, it was really, really wack. He just laughed and we just laughed about it. I’m pretty sure he won’t talk about him again. That guy lost it man. Whatever he did have, it’s not there anymore.” (“Sucker Free”)

Banks previously talked about Shyne’s new rhyming flow and voice.

“I’m telling you right now, it was something in the food or something, he’s at a D-Class rapper right now. You know how the dude that wakes up and ‘I’m a rap right now because my homie’s doing it.’ You don’t hear it? What kind of style he’s got right now? I’m not digging that right now…I didn’t know what to think…” (Miss Info TV)

Shyne recently explained why his new style should excite his fans.

“[People] should be happy that I changed…I was monotonous and angry,” he explained in an interview. “I can’t give them that old sh*t. That anger you heard in the booth was really me. It was like listening to someone with Post Traumatic Stress [Disorder]…I’m comfortable with mine. I figured it out, but I’m not a communist. People want that sh*t, but I can’t give it to them in the old way…I’m not no f*cking magician. You gotta make that sh*t…It’s about having character and integrity. I don’t care if I only sell one album.” (Hip Hop DX)

Former G-Unit member Game also shared his reaction to Shyne going after 50 earlier this month.

“He’s just a good friend of mine, sort of like a brother to me in hip-hop and, you know, doing all that time, everybody expected him to just come out and be like the old Shyne, but it’s gonna take a while,” Game said in an interview. “I’m sure he’s rough around the edges. It’s kinda like if Kobe [Bryant] just decides to sit it down, and you come back out your first three, it’s probably gonna be an airball, you know? You just gotta give him a little room, a little space, let him breathe and I’m sure you’ll get the old Shyne back. That’s him man [with the beef], and I’m glad he can take that 50 Cent beef with him. I’m slowly but surely phasing it out, and I might poke a little fun here and there but for the most part I’m over it.” (VIBE)

Check out Lloyd Banks’ interview below:

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