Lloyd Banks On Game & Young Buck’s G-Unit Exits, “It’s Easier To Jump Ship When You Ain’t Part Of The Crew”

Lloyd Banks On Game & Young Buck’s G-Unit Exits, “It’s Easier To Jump Ship When You Ain’t Part Of The Crew”

New York rapper Lloyd Banks recently addressed his relationship with 50 Cent and explained how his loyalty to the G-Unit general differs from that of defectors like Young Buck and Game.

According to Banks, he will never turn his back on 50.

“I don’t know what people don’t understand,” he said in an interview. “If this was all over today and we had to go back to the hood, we would be together. You feel me? We family. You stick with family through thick and thin. Its easier to jump ship when you ain’t part of the crew. These guys complain when ‘they’ f*ck up. But, when they were over here, they were driving $200,000 cars, [had] million dollar cribs and G-Unit pom-poms up. Once the parade go by, they want to complain.” (All Hip Hop)

Last February, Young Buck blasted his former rap group during a Detroit, Michigan performance.

“I’m a real life n*gga,” Buck told a crowd of Detroit fans. “For real. I wanna clear this sh*t up real quick because I see a lot of real n*ggas in here, you understand me. Let me tell you something. I don’t f*ck with that n*gga 50 Cent for real. F*ck that n*gga. For real though, look, I got a lot of love for Eminem, that’s my n*gga. You understand that? You understand me? Eminem don’t even agree with the bullsh*t 50 Cent is doing with me. You understand me — don’t worry about Buck, I’m good with or without some b*tch a** n*gga named 50 motherf*cking Cent…F*ck you, f*ck the contract, I’m in Detroit, I’m in Eminem’s hometown…A lot of these n*ggas can’t come to Detroit, this is a no fly zone…I promise you, you will not see Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, none of them b*tch a** n*ggas out here without some motherf*cking security…” (BC)

Last December, 50 Cent questioned why the media tends to avoid grilling Game about why he disses the Unit.

“Let me ask you a question, when you see Game, do you say, ‘Yo, why you talking about 50, you wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for him,” Fif asked DJ Semtex. “I introduced him. The same way you felt Jay-Z put Beans into a space that we recognize Beans and I don’t really hear people say that to Game. I don’t hear people say ‘You’re really here because of your association with 50 Cent. We know you because of 50 Cent. So why are you so comfortable for disrespecting 50 Cent?’ It’s not your fault though, you’re in the record company. There’s people that when I tell you there’s certain people that don’t have a responsibility to be cool with you because they are just doing business, that’s the way I view Interscope as a record company.” (DJ Semtex TV)

Game previously wrote via Twitter and explained his issues with 50.

“#oneofmyfollowers ah whoop 10 of @50cent followers a** !!!!,” Game wrote Thursday (December 17) night. “#oneofmyfollowers might have a couple kids wit #ghettobabynames like “IMUNIQUE” or “PRECIOUS” with her big ole a**or “SHA-QUA-ZHA-NAY” LOL jb_32 @ihategame @50cent has over 2 million followers, you’re not even in the hundred thousands n*gga. Step yo game up @jb_32 yea, he got 2 million followers but they didn’t follow that CD 2 the record store n*gga. ha #oneofmyfollowers is dumb ! this means u Quemical @ihategame Start Singing some R&B p*ssy a** songs like 50, so you can get 2million p*ssy a** followers. lol I’ll squash da beef wit dat n*gga when he bows down & becomes #oneofmyfollowers & gives his kids #ghettobabynames like “THE GAME” or “PLIES”” (Game’s Twitter)

Check out Young Buck speaking on G-Unit below:

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