Lloyd Banks Name Checks Ja Rule & Rick Ross At NYC Concert, “50 Bodied You, I Just Laid The Chalk Down” [Video]

Lloyd Banks Name Checks Ja Rule & Rick Ross At NYC Concert, “50 Bodied You, I Just Laid The Chalk Down” [Video]

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks took to the New York City stage last night with Tony Yayo and tossed a few verbal jabs toward rap rivals Ja Rule and Rick Ross.

Performing at Manhattan’s Nokia Theatre, the “Punch Line King” reminded his fans where he stood on rap beefs.

The Unit took a break in the show to salute recently deceased rap icon Guru. Later, Banks went from partying to riding on his enemies. He brought back the old Murder Inc. dis record “I Smell Pu—,” calling out Irv Gotti and Ja Rule. Banks then asked the crowd how they felt about boys in blue. As the crowd asserted their disdain for police, Banks yelled, “Rick Ross can’t hear y’all.” He then threw bars at Ross. “50 bodied you. I just laid the chalk down,” the Queens rap outlaw yelled. (MTV)

Earlier this week, Banks spoke on what the aftermath would be if he signed to Rick Ross’ label, Def Jam.

“I think he would make it his business not to be in the building when we around,” Banks said referring to if he were signed to Def Jam. “Some things you just can’t control. When, if, I get into that building, I will be the bigger business. You understand what I’m saying? So he would go from having an office to just operating from Florida. Pretty much. He knows that. This is the same guy months ago that said Def Jam would never sign me, what’s he an idiot? He’s crazy man. They putting that stuff up they nose. That stuff man, put them lobsters down and pick up the mic. I’m just saying. I haven’t had security, you’re just gonna see me and my guys [when we’re traveling]. Me? I can be professional and have a level mind, but things happen. Difference with me is these guys is a little older and the guys around me are still young and stupid, so I would hope not to run into those types of situations just for me. I’ve done been in this game for seven, eight years and the people, you just got understand when to separate the rapping from the real problems. You don’t be no bump into these guys situations, they make it they business not to be there and I can go anywhere I want to go. I’ve been doing it and won’t nothing stop.” (“The Cosmic Show”)

Despite Banks’ disses, Rule recently said he no longer aims to take part in rap beefs.

“I think the beef sh*t is wack,” Rule revealed in an interview. “My beef was different, it was real. Physical altercations, all that. A lot of these beefs today, are just publicity stunts for artists to try to sell records. They try to further their careers or whatever, doing so by creating conflict with other artists who are creating a buzz. I think it’s watered down hip-hop. Even though hip-hop was founded on the battle, it came from that. It’s still, with how far hip-hop has come, the beef records take away from the talent and the creative process of it all. I just think all the beef records and that sh*t is wack.” (Dubcnn)

Banks has also denied leaving his G-Unit crew, which consists of Tony Yayo and 50 Cent.

“It’s Banks on my own to a certain extent,” Lloyd explained totelevision host DJ Envy. “But as far as me leaving G-Unit, like, that’s, stop it. It’s too late to hate, I think it comes from a lot of the ungrateful people who had opportunities. I was there from 50 Cent is the Future and the things he’s done for me and my career, I’m so grateful for it, a lot of artists don’t have the opportunity to have seen what I’ve seen. My first tour was a 50-city tour, you know what I mean, we all got experience. He gets me out here and 50 feels comfortable enough to say ‘Go ahead and do your thing!’ A lot of people, Def Jam, Interscope. I think they have the sorry bag in [the left] hand and the let’s talk bag in [the right] hand. I mean, it’s a business at the end of the day. I understood that. I came into the game at 20 years-old. Maybe 19 years-old and nobody comes in experienced. You hit your bumps and things are looking really bright for me right now.” (“Sucker Free Countdown”)

Check out footage from the event below:

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