Lloyd Banks “Hungry” For November Album Face-Off W/ Nicki Minaj & Kanye West [Audio]

Lloyd Banks “Hungry” For November Album Face-Off W/ Nicki Minaj & Kanye West [Audio]

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks has discussed his upcoming November album Hunger For More 2, and how confident he is going up against other simultaneously scheduled-to-drop projects from Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.

Despite dropping on the same date as Minaj and a week after West’s new LP, Banks said he feels no pressure.

“I wouldn’t say it’s going up against them,” Banks told radio host Jenny Boom Boom about releasing his album around the same dates as Nicki Minaj and Kanye West’s new albums. “But I’m definitely going to get mine. November 23rd, HFM2. It’s different fanbases to be honest. My first album came out in 2004, so I got people following me from then and prior to that since the G-Unit album, so it dates back further. And at the same time, I’m trying to generate new fans. That’s the challenge. In any order [Tony Yayo and 50 Cent‘s albums will drop.] It’s all money [and] really ain’t no rush, whichever project is done first. [Yayo] is working, so you can definitely expect a Tony Yayo album early next year as well as the 50 Cent album.” (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Minaj recently opened up about what fans could expect from her debut LP, Pink Friday.

“The album is progressing miraculously, I would say,” Minaj said in an interview. “It’s coming out way better than I could even have imagined or dreamed or hoped for…It’s been very exciting to finally just make music that I love and not really having to incorporate myself on someone else’s record…I’ve been having a really great time…I have a record called ‘Right Through Me’ that I think will be a standout. It’s not gonna come right now. It’ll come closer to when the album drops, but it’s a really, really prettysong. Everyone’s gonna like it…It’s just really insightful but in a very conversational kind of way.” (MTV)

In early August, West announced plans to drop his new, still-untitled album in mid-November.

Kanye West is taking full advantage of all that technology has to offer. The rapper, who recently joined Twitter, hosted his first Ustream chat today (Aug. 6) from Korea and revealed that his new album will be out “sometime in November.” West also said that his next single — the follow-up to “Power” — will drop in about 20 days, and it’s a toss-up between a track called “Lost in The World” and “All of The Lights.” He played a short snippet of the latter, which features big horns and double-speed drums. (Billboard)

Earlier this month, EMI Music Vice President Mike Harris released a statement announcing the signing of G-Unit Records to his company.

“We are delighted to join forces with G-Unit and artists who are truly marquee names in hip-hop. G-Unit is a huge force. Lloyd Banks knows how to deliver a lyrical punch and his single has already generated huge anticipation for the album.. Tony Yayo is a totally unique talent, and ‘Pass the Patron’ already has the hip hop world buzzing about his album coming out next year.” (Hip Hop N More)

Check out Lloyd Banks’ interview with Jenny Boom Boom down below:

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