Lloyd Banks Hungers For A Hangover, “Sometimes You Literally Wake Up & Forgot How You Got There”

Lloyd Banks Hungers For A Hangover, “Sometimes You Literally Wake Up & Forgot How You Got There”

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks recently opened up about his “So Forgetful” Hunger For More 2 single and how much of an influence Hollywood had on the Ryan Leslie-featured track.

According to the “Punch Line King,” HFM2‘s newest single was inspired by 2009 blockbuster comedy, The Hangover.

Banks added that the song’s groove, and a certain Zach Galifianakis-starring movie, played an integral part in its creation too. “I believe in that when [you’re] building an album, every song should have a different mood,” he said. “When I heard the certain notes that was played, it just brought me into the nightlife. It sound like something that I could enjoy, the fellas can enjoy as well as the ladies. “Actually, I thought [of] the concept of movie [‘The] Hangover.’ I thought that was pretty dope how they had went away for the weekend and so many things happen and that was kind of like the metaphor. I was bringing them into the life of a rap star or an R&B star — what it would be like. Sometimes, you literally wake up and forgot how you got there.” (MTV)

Last summer, Banks said his “Any Girl” record was inspired by the mid-1990’s comedy, How To Be Player.

“I’m running through my day-to-day going to see a few of my girls. I got a white girl, I got [a] Spanish girl, a black girl and I’m going to basically lie to them and tell them how much I love them and how much I want to see them,” Banks explained in an interview. However, after spending time maneuvering through his ladies, the MC has to eventually face the music. “The girl who’s playing my sister, she’s actually setting me up and she has these same girls coming to see me at the party.” (MTV)

In December, rapper Redman compared his music and albums to a few Hollywood flicks.

“I usually think of movies when I’m doing this sh*t. I would compare [Reggie] it to something that moves fast like Snatch. That’s an excellent movie put together from beginning to end. Reggie could be The Other Guys because playing cops is something that’s out of the box for Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. For The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson to be together was pretty genius too. Samuel L. Jackson played it both ways as far as being dramatic and funny. The Rock is definitely funny, and it was hilarious to see them teaming up. That was something new for all of those guys. That’s how I look at the album as The Other Guys!” (Artist Direct)

Although having fallen out of the Top 50 since its release last November, Banks’ HFM2 debuted in the Top 30 its opening week.

G-Unit member Lloyd Banks’ Hunger For More 2 debuted on the chart this week finding a spot at No. 26. After seven days in stores, the “Punch Line King’s” newest solo effort managed to sell 44,500 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Listen to “So Forgetful” down below:

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