Lloyd Banks Grants Justin Bieber G-Unit Pass, “It’s Time To Cross-Market”

Lloyd Banks Grants Justin Bieber G-Unit Pass, “It’s Time To Cross-Market”

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks has shown an interest in working with teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber just weeks after the 16 year-old had his “Runaway Love” remixed by Kanye West and Raekwon.

Despite the disparity in their music images, Banks said he would be down to link with Bieber.

“I would definitely do a record with Justin Bieber. I think early on in my career things were a little different. Now, the fact of the matter is the youth determine which way music is going to go,” explains Banks. “When you become influential enough to control one market, I think it’s time to cross-market.” (VIBE)

Last month, West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle also envisioned himself laying bars on a Bieber collaboration.

Nipsey, who is signed to the same label as the Canadian teen, said he first met Bieber at the Epic offices and was blown away by him. The two quickly became friends and Hussle says he has a spot set aside for JB on his upcoming debut, South Central State of Mind. “Justin Bieber, that’s my n*gga; If we get in the studio we liable to knock something out,” he shared. “People think he’s just like a one-dimensional pop artist, that’s not the case with him. He really a talent. [When I met him] he was beating on his guitar rappin’ Tupac [and] playing the chorus to ‘Thugz Mansion.’ It might look like it would be strange or weird but he’s such a musician, I’m pretty sure we’d find a common ground.” (XXL Mag)

Speaking on his “Runaway Love” remix, Rae recently broke down rapping on his latest record.

“Kanye was just being Kanye,” Rae told MTV News about the session. “He was definitely excited. The energy in the room was already speaking for itself. It was time to get up and have fun on the track together. We was drinking, laughing, being normal cats. At the same time, we had a houseful of celebrities in the house as well. [Kanye] was moving through the facility checking out the studios he had. He had three studios in there…All I did was ride the beat and listen to what he was singing to…I can go basic when I want to. I can go rated R, I can go rated PG. I definitely didn’t give him anything that I thought was too hot to be spoken on by a 16 year-old. I know how to read beats, and listening to the record, I just complemented. At the end of my 16 [bars], when you do hear Justin coming, it fits and it’s a great sound. I didn’t go crazy. One thing people gotta recognize about me, I’m the Chef. I know how to make spicy food, I know how to make food that ain’t spicy. I made something that fit the criteria.” (MTV)

Aside from teen star collaborations, Banks recently talked about kicking rhymes with rap royalty on his upcoming Hunger For More 2 album.

“As far as features go, of course, 50 Cent is on the project, Tony Yayo is on the project,” Banks revealed in an interview. “I got Raekwon on a joint, I just spoke to him. Just spoke to Styles P, waiting on that back. Nipsey Hussle and a few other things that’s still in the workings. I’m in the tailor end of the project right now. Just waiting for the features to get back and seeing who’s a good fit then the next week or so, I’ll have a more realistic list of what they can expect from HFM2.” (Civilized Talk)

Listen to the new “Runaway Love” remix down below:

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