Lloyd Banks Denies Leaving G-Unit, “Stop It, It’s Too Late To Hate” [Video]

Lloyd Banks Denies Leaving G-Unit, “Stop It, It’s Too Late To Hate” [Video]

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks has addressed speculation that he left 50 Cent‘s camp to pursue a solo career at a record label like Def Jam or Interscope.

According to the “Punch Line King,” he will always be a member of the Unit.

“It’s Banks on my own to a certain extent,” Lloyd explained to television host DJ Envy. “But as far as me leaving G-Unit, like, that’s, stop it. It’s too late to hate, I think it comes from a lot of the ungrateful people who had opportunities. I was there from 50 Cent is the Future and the things he’s done for me and my career, I’m so grateful for it, a lot of artists don’t have the opportunity to have seen what I’ve seen. My first tour was a 50-city tour, you know what I mean, we all got experience. He gets me out here and 50 feels comfortable enough to say ‘Go ahead and do your thing!’ A lot of people, Def Jam, Interscope. I think they have the sorry bag in [the left] hand and the let’s talk bag in [the right] hand. I mean, it’s a business at the end of the day. I understood that. I came into the game at 20 years-old. Maybe 19 years-old and nobody comes in experienced. You hit your bumps and things are looking really bright for me right now.” (“Sucker Free Countdown”)

Last month, Banks called his Unit camp a family.

“I don’t know what people don’t understand,” he said in an interview. “If this was all over today and we had to go back to the hood, we would be together. You feel me? We family. You stick with family through thick and thin. Its easier to jump ship when you ain’t part of the crew. These guys complain when ‘they’ f*ck up. But, when they were over here, they were driving $200,000 cars, [had] million dollar cribs and G-Unit pom-poms up. Once the parade go by, they want to complain.” (All Hip Hop)

In 2009, Banks talked about wanting to exit Interscope to pursue an independent career.

“I was ready to make a move,” Banks said about leaving the powerhouse label. “I’m a brand-new engine. If anything, it’s their loss. It’s been a dark shadow cast upon that. That’s why you hear[Funkmaster] Flex on the radio [boycotting Interscope], because it’s an aura created around that machine, and the artists automatically get smacked in the head…I felt it’s time for me to go somewhere where it’s not biased and I get a fair shot. There’s a lot of stuff on the table right now. You don’t wanna speak about it until it gets ironed out all the way…Everything happened for a reason. I feel like I’m so blessed because of my work ethic and how easy the music is coming to me. It feels so good to be an independent artist with a brand. I have direct deals with iTunes and things of that nature, where it’s direct money coming to me. It’s 50 percent of me that’s not pressed to be on a major.” (MTV)

Last week, the rapper spoke on the chances of signing to Def Jam.

“I mean, yeah, they been reaching out, Interscope” Banks confirmed in an interview. “And a few other labels, Def Jam, at this point man, like I said, I’ve been completely independent, we’ve sold over 200,000 units already through iTunes — at this point, whatever makes sense, is the deal I’ll go with. If it makes more sense to stay where I’m at, then I’ll stay and be independent. If they drop that big bag, then we can talk. I don’t ever want to shut no doors out so we’ll see what happens in the near future.” (Posse TV)

Check out Lloyd Banks talking about G-Unit below:

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