Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent Reunite At Eminem Detroit Shoot?

Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent Reunite At Eminem Detroit Shoot?

G-Unit leader 50 Cent and estranged group member Lloyd Banks may have squashed their issues with one another and reportedly reunited at an Eminem music video shoot this week.

While neither Fif or Banks have confirmed the rumor, reports of their reunion landed online Monday (October 22).

Corktown– Since we first posted this photo of a helicopter hovering around Michigan Grand Central this morning, all sorts of rumors and gossip about the Eminem and Fifty Cent music video shoot from last night have come our way. Above, here’s some incredibly blurry evidence that rapper Lloyd Banks (member of G-Unit) was in the video as well. It was taken at midnight last night. Our tipster says that the film crew said they were shooting a commercial for Reebok. (Curbed)

Although it is unclear if a reunion took place, Fif did hook up with Eminem for a commercial in Detroit.

Detroiters who heard helicopters into the early morning Monday have no need to be alarmed: it was just rappers Eminem and 50 Cent shooting a late night music video at Michigan Central Station. According to the real estate blog, rapper Lloyd Banks was rumored to be at the set as well , and despite the music video hype, the film crew instead said they were shooting a shoe commercial. (Huffington Post)

Fif also confirmed the video shoot took place Monday afternoon.

“I’m shooting a video for SKI with EM it’s a big one @andredirrell 2004 Olympic gold medalist in it.,” he tweeted. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Last month, Mr. Jackson came clean on his issues with the estranged G-Unit member.

“I see Yayo all the time. He actually comes through — he’ll pop up. We’ll do that, but away from it when we come home I be busy working on something and they supposed to be doing the music, writing the music,” 50 told Ang. “Now it’s like I think I’ve enabled them. I’ve damaged that by being so close to it that they just go. Their way of dealing with things is not dealing with it so you can have people that work for you who you work for because they’re just waiting for you to do it. Or you don’t say anything and there’s no urgency — I don’t talk to them. We’re still friends, it’s just the relationship is different. We grown – the issues came up where that they feel like it’s hard for them to be the man while I’m around.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview below:

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