Little Brother’s Phonte & 9th Wonder Keep Lovin’ It, “If My Record Is Like ‘Amplified’, [He’s] My J. Dilla”

Little Brother’s Phonte & 9th Wonder Keep Lovin’ It, “If My Record Is Like ‘Amplified’, [He’s] My J. Dilla”

Former Little Brother members Phonte and 9th Wonder have kept their recent reunion in motion by teaming up to work on a new album together.

Framed as Phonte’s LP, the rapper described how much of an impact Wonder will likely have.

“We were just talking on the plane on the way up, I’m actually, officially, starting my record once we get back,” Phonte revealed in an interview. “I’m pretty much going to sit down now and hatch it out. Me and him are probably going to sit down and do some tracks. What I see for my record is like — if my record is like [Q-Tip‘s] Amplified, just for example, he would be like my J. Dilla. I told him I wanted him to set it off and then any other producers that we work with, they have to fit within that framework. So, September 13th is the release date — it’s the same release date as [Little Brother’s] Minstrel Show, which was six years ago.” (The Urban Daily)

Earlier this year, Phonte and Wonder put their differences aside and reunited after having gone through an internal beef.

“Took 4 years, 2 plates of food and 6 hrs. of convo, but we squashed it. #brotherhood,” Phonte tweeted on January 2nd. “I appreciate the love for me and @9thwondermusic, but us mending our rift had nothing to do with music and everything to do with manhood…We may collaborate in time, but this is not the start of a LB reunion as neither of us have interest in doing so. Sorry to disappoint. Our friendship began as Phonte Coleman and Patrick Douthit long before a ‘LB’ or ‘9th Wonder’ existed. This was about rebuilding that bond. So in closing, happy new year to all our supporters past and present. Feels great to start the year on a positive note. One love.” (Phonte’s Twitter)

Last year, Phonte and Wonder’s issues became publicized during a heated Twitter feud over the release of a previously unreleased track.

Phonte unearthed this Little Brother gem earlier on Twitter, “Star.” This was the last song LB recorded as a trio (Phonte, Big Pooh, and 9th Wonder). “This was recorded back in ’05-06 at Young Guru‘s crib sometime after the release of Minstrel Show. This was intended for Leftback as an iTunes bonus track but we just got word today that @9thwondermusic doesn’t want us to use it for whatever reason, and that’s fine.” After Phonte revealed the song’s backstory, 9th Wonder tweeted the following response: “Let people talk bro…only if they knew the REAL story.” Phonte fired back, “Well, tell your side of it or shut the f*ck up.” (The Rap Up)

Following the truce, SOHH hit up ex-LB member Big Pooh for his take on the situation.

“I found out about [the Phonte and 9th Wonder conversation] moments before Phonte put it up on Twitter. He actually called me and let me know that him and 9th had spoken and [revealed] some of the things they talked about or whatever. It was cool. He just wanted to let me know before the world found out. [I have] nothing but respect for that. As far as my feelings about it, it’s not what people may think. It’s like, “All right, cool” because the one thing people fail to realize or don’t want to realize is that we all had different personal relationships with each other. Me and 9th’s relationship isn’t the same relationship Phonte and 9th had. So even though I’m sure some of the stuff they discussed were Little Brother-related, they probably had some personal things between them that needed to be resolved.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out some recent 9th Wonder footage down below:

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