Little Brother’s Big Pooh On Cam’ron & Jim Jones Reuniting, “They Made Some Of Their Best Music Together”

Little Brother’s Big Pooh On Cam’ron & Jim Jones Reuniting, “They Made Some Of Their Best Music Together”

Little Brother‘s Big Pooh recently spoke with SOHH to share his reaction to former associates like Jim Jones and Cam’ron placing their past differences aside and reuniting.

Pooh said his current separation from his partner Phonte is different from the issues Jim and Cam once had.

“For them particular artists, I think that’s a good thing,” Pooh told SOHH. “I know as far as Cam and Jimmy, they made some of their best music together. They came up together so I’m definitely happy for them on a personal note. For Paul Wall and Chamillionaire, I’m happy for them as well, they came up together and soon as they started some success, that’s when their [differences] started. To see them now just come back and put all that in the past, I’m happy for them as well. As far as it playing a part in me and ‘Te, nah, not really, because our situation isn’t a rift. It’s isn’t a misunderstanding, it isn’t a situation that we have. It’s an agreement. We both see some of our problems — personally, we’re still good friends. People think once we put the record out we don’t talk to each other any more, we still talk to each other. That was more of a business thing than a personal thing for me.” (SOHH)

Earlier this month, Jim Jones talked with SOHH about reuniting with Killa.

“Nah, I love [Diplomatic Immunity questions]. Ask me some more. We comin’ to kill. You heard me? I don’t know what been going on in the rap game but I know what’s about to go on in the rap game. Shouts to Killa, shouts to Juelz, shouts to Freekey Zeekey. Dipset ‘fo life. Holla at us. Yes [a deal] is [on the table]. Where the money at? Nah, its never about money ’cause we got money but we want more money so who got the money? Who got the mottz?” (SOHH)

Jim has also promised to drop a Dipset project sometime this year.

“Me and Cam both got our own things going on, solo projects and label situations, but we going to put this Diplomat thing together real funky,” Jones promised in an interview. “That powerful music will be back at you. It should be a good Christmas stocking stuffer, but we’re going to heat it up like the summer.” (MTV)

Last month, Pooh compared LB’s break-up to Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest‘s rap run.

“I was just thinking about our own situation and then I realized, when groups leave, it’s just like when a person dies. Every person dies and a baby is born. So, as Little Brother calls it quits, there are other groups to not necessarily take our place but to keep the tradition going…That’s what it’s all about — you don’t want your favorite group to force a relationship. Like, you don’t want Tribe Called Quest…If they don’t really want to be together, you want them to make another album. If they make an album just because you asked for it, it’s not going to be the same Tribe Called Quest you fell in love with. It’s going to be something forced.” (Hip Hop DX)

Listen to Little Brother’s “Dinner For Two” below:

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