Lil Wyte Gets Busted In Tennessee, Arrested On DUI & Drug Charges

Lil Wyte Gets Busted In Tennessee, Arrested On DUI & Drug Charges

Southern rap veteran Lil Wyte reportedly got himself into some legal trouble Thursday (July 26) with reports claiming he was arrested on a driving under the influence charge in Tennessee.

According to reports, he also got hit with a drug possession charge.

Memphis rapper Lil Wyte had a run-in with the law in Montgomery County on Thursday. Lil Wyte, whose legal name is Patrick Lanshaw, was booked into Montgomery County Jail on charges of DUI and drug possession at about 3:50 p.m. by Sheriff’s Deputy Oliver Marcidas. Lil Wyte’s claim to fame is with the rap group Hypnotize Minds, and he’s done work with Three 6 Mafia and DJ Paul, according to various online biographies. Lanshaw, 29, who gave a Cordova address, was released on $1,500 bond. (The Leaf Chronicle)

Wyte is most known for breaking out onto the hip-hop scene in the early 2000’s.

When the quick-rapping, crunk to the core Lil Wyte first came to the attention of the Three 6 Mafia it was with an all-white group of which Wyte was a member. The group fell apart but the Memphis-based Wyte was too skilled to be stopped. Three 6 Mafia members Juicy J and DJ Paul signed the under-21 rapper immediately after the group’s disbanding and soon were working on his debut. Doubt Me Now appeared in 2003 and became a word-of-mouth hit among crunk and Southern rap’s hardcore fans. Wyte’s “Smoking Song” started to appear on numerous street-level mixtapes and Internet message boards were filled with Wyte talk. (All Music)

Last year, reality show star-turned-rapper $hamock named Wyte SOHH Underrated.

“I think Lil Wyte is SOHH Underrated. The only thing is, he is known and he is famous. I almost feel like I should pick somebody else because he’s big and I don’t feel like he doesn’t not get shine at all. Even still, I feel like he’s one of the best out there. Especially when you’re talking about white rappers, I don’t feel think he gets his shine like the same way Paul Wall, Eminem or Bubba Sparxxx does. That’s why I have to [place him in that category].” (SOHH Underrated)

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