Lil Wayne’s Still Got Money To Blow, Settles Another “Carter III” Royalty Case

Lil Wayne’s Still Got Money To Blow, Settles Another “Carter III” Royalty Case

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne continues to settle royalty cases related to his platinum-selling Tha Carter III album, with reports claiming he has come to terms with a $1.5 million lawsuit.

According to reports, Weezy handled a royalty case involving 2008’s “Love Me or Hate Me” track.

Lil Wayne buried the hatchet with another disgruntled producer this week … this time settling a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit over the track “Love Me or Hate Me.” The producer in question — David Kirkwood — sued Lil Wayne, Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment in 2011 … claiming they owed him royalties on “Love me or Hate Me” from “The Carter III” album. Lil Wayne initially fought back, asking a judge to dismiss the case. But then the rapper, along with CM and YME, decided to settle out of court with Kirkwood for an undisclosed amount. (TMZ)

Last month, the multi-platinum star ironed out a deal over his Carter III anthem, “Lollipop.”

Lil’ Wayne has finally struck a truce with a bitter ex-producer over the Grammy Award-winning “Lollipop” and other songs — settling the producer’s $20 [million] lawsuit out of court. TMZ broke the story … producer Darius Harrison — aka Deezle — sued Weezy over the album “Tha Carter III,” claiming he produced several songs on the record, including “Lollipop,” but was never paid for his work. According to Darius, the album grossed over $70 million — and he wanted $20 million to call it even. Wayne initially shot him down — claiming Darius had no grounds to sue — but the two parties recently reached a confidential agreement, finally settling the case. The case has since been dismissed. (TMZ)

Reports of the $20 million lawsuit began making headlines in March 2011.

The $20 million lawsuit claims that Deezle, who says he produced “Whip It,” “Prostitute 2,” “Action,” “Mrs. Officer” and “Let the Beat Build” as well as “Lollipop,” is entitled to his cut of royalties on the reported $70 million the album has grossed on sales of 6 million copies. “Lollipop” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and won a Grammy for Best Rap Song in 2009. Harrison previously sued Wayne for $2.5 million over what he claimed were unpaid royalties from the sales of “Mrs. Officer.” The liner notes to Carter list Harrison as a co-producer along with Jim Jonsin on “Lollipop” and as the recording engineer on most of the other songs on the disc. A spokesperson for Wayne and Young Money/ Cash Money could not be reached for comment at press time on the lawsuit. (MTV)

Back in 2010, Carter III producer, Jim Jonson, who also worked on the “Lollipop” anthem, said it was time for Weezy to pay up.

“We’re still trying to get paid. Clearly, I don’t understand what the issue is. They’ve collected checks, they’re buying Bugattis, but the people that created the songs are not getting paid. And so we’re going through some things now in hopes that it gets fixed…[“Lollipop”] was like the most downloaded song in history, so pay the people who made it. It’s not your record, it’s our record.” (VIBE)

Check out “Love Me or Hate Me” below:

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