Lil Wayne’s Solo Play Punishmed Explained, “It’s A Serious Infraction”

Lil Wayne’s Solo Play Punishmed Explained, “It’s A Serious Infraction”

Days after jailed rapper Lil Wayne was punished for being busted with an MP3 player last May, a New York City Department of Correction spokesperson has explained the situation.

Despite the rapper being placed in solitary confinement, reportedly his scheduled November 4th release will not be effected.

“It doesn’t change his projected release date,” said Stephen Morello, a spokesperson for the New York City Department of Correction. “It’s a serous infraction because it’s contraband, but it’s not a weapon, and by comparison to a more violent infraction of the rules, like assaulting another inmate or an officer, [it’s not as serious].” Why is Wayne just now getting put in solitary if the incident happened back in May? Morello explained that Rikers officials prioritize inmates who are guilty of violent infractions, so, in essence, Weezy had to wait for his turn in solitary until the harder cases finished their time in the hole. (MTV)

Details on his punishment were released online Monday (October 4) night.

Rikers Island has moved the rapper to solitary confinement as part of his punishment for getting caught with headphones and amp3 player back in May (the jail had to wait for a spot to open up). He will be confined to an isolation cell for up to 23 hours a day until he is released November 4, and will see his out-of-cell time restricted to visits, religious services and a single hour of recreational time per day. Also, he will now only get to make one personal phone call a week. (New York Mag)

A Rikers Island source had also spoken on the situation.

Weezy won’t be going near other inmates during the rare moments when he is not locked down in a so-called “punitive segregation” cell – known as “The Bing” among Rikers Island jailbirds. “He’s not in an area where he is mingling with other inmates – ever,” a Correction Department source said. (New York Daily News)

In May, Wayne confirmed he got into trouble while serving out his sentence.

“Ain’t too much, I got in a little trouble and whatnot, you feel me,” Wayne said about being caught with headphones and a MP3 charger. “Yeah, they tried to bang me with that. … But I can’t live without my music, Scoob. You know how it is, man. I needed my music. It’s all good. I had to take my little slip up. I ain’t trippin’. Players f— up.” (DJ Scoob)

Check out Lil Wayne speaking on the MP3 player incident down below:

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