Lil Wayne’s Skateboarding Skills Surprisingly Good, Says Pro Skater

Lil Wayne’s Skateboarding Skills Surprisingly Good, Says Pro Skater

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne‘s quest to be one of the best skateboarders alive by next year appears to be on track as professional skater Rob Dyrdek calls the Young Money boss’ learning rate remarkable.

In Rob’s eyes, Weezy F. Baby has really put the time and effort into becoming a serious skater.

“I think it’s pretty amazing, because a lot of rappers have gotten into skateboarding over the years, but this is like, he’s so dedicated,” Dyrdek said. “He goes to all the contests, flies out to street leagues … he’s friends with all the pros. He’s really, really committed, which is strange, you know, but we love it. … I just think it’s interesting to us, you know? I think that the fact that he has embraced it so much, has embraced all the pros, embraced all of the events, every last aspect, he’s really embedded himself in the sport in a pretty cool way.” (MTV)

Although acknowledging Wayne has plenty more to go before becoming the best, Rob said the rapper is on his way.

“He’s getting better,” Dyrdek laughed. “I mean, you couldn’t possibly start skating at 26 or 27, it’s going to take you some time to get good, that’s just the reality, but he is learning at a pretty remarkable rate, which we all love, because he will get so excited; like we all know the feeling of what it feels like to land a trick for the first time, and now we see that coming out of him, where he’ll freak out! He understands that true feeling.” (MTV)

Over the summer, fellow pro skater Stevie Williams hit up SOHH and gave his reaction to Wayne’s skateboarding obsession.

“He did make that statement didn’t he? [Laughs]. Sh*t, I don’t know, he might,” Stevie told SOHH. “Every time I’ve seen him or skated with, he’s definitely progressed. At the end of the day, you can’t really level skateboarding like that. We’ll all just have to see. I have to stay on my job too, and it’s hard being the best. Feel me? Wayne is the best at what he do and I wouldn’t doubt if he pulled that off.” (SOHH)

In March, the platinum-selling rapper promised to be the best skateboarder alive in 2013.

“I promise you, this day, next year, I will be not ten times better, not a hundred times better, not a million times better, but the best,” Weezy promised in a video dated March 12th. He’s still got a long way to go, but Lil Wayne is taking this skateboarding thing very seriously, and you can see the improvement in this latest video. When Tunechi sets his mind to something, he takes it as far as possible, and this new skating obsession is no different. He even went so far as to build a ramp at his Miami home, and every week we see new footage of him hitting up various skate parks around the country. (Complex)

Check out some recent Lil Wayne skateboarding footage below:

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