Lil Wayne’s “Human Being II” Forces Unexpected Setback, Weezy Speaks Out

Lil Wayne’s “Human Being II” Forces Unexpected Setback, Weezy Speaks Out

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has reportedly decided to leave European fans waiting by delaying a global tour to focus on releasing his I Am Not A Human Being II LP in a few weeks.

Weezy F. Baby issued a formal statement confirming the tour pushback.

“I am rescheduling to my European tour in order to release my album, I Am Not A Human Being II, world wide on March 26th. I didn’t want my tour or album to be rushed, so despite my best hopes, I have made the decision to push back the tour to October 2013. I cannot thank my European fans enough for their patience and look forward to performing in the fall with Mac Miller. I never do anything halfway, and I promise to bring what will be an incredible live show experience.” (Statement)

According to reports, Wayne’s worldwide tour would have kicked off sometime this month and went through next fall.

I just got an email from the Ziggo Dome saying Lil Wayne is rescheduling his European tour that was supposed to take place this month to October. The only new dates I know so far are the Dublin concert is October 9th, the Amsterdam concert is October 21st, and the Oslo concert is October 25th. If you had bought a ticket for one of the March show dates, you will still be allowed to use it for the new October show dates. I don’t know if they can be refunded, so you might have to check with the arena Wayne was supposed to perform at. (Lil Wayne HQ)

Over the weekend, Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II tracklist surfaced online.

01 IANAHB 02 Curtains [ft. Boo] 03 Days and Days [ft. 2 Chainz] 04 Gunwalk [ft. Gudda Gudda] 05 No Worries [ft. Detail] 06 Back to You 07 Trigger Finger [ft. Soulja Boy] 08 Beat the Shit [ft. Gunplay] 09 Rich As Fuck [ft. 2 Chainz] 10 Trippy [ft. Juicy J] 11 Bitches Love Me [ft. Drake and Future] 12 Romance 13 God Bless Amerika 14 My Homies Still [ft. Big Sean] 15 Lay You Down [ft. Nicki Minaj] (Pitchfork)

He also recently revealed how the project’s cover art came together.

“(Kanye) said, you know, man, let me do your cover. I saw the cover and I approved it. He had an explanation behind it – he said, he chose the moth butterfly thing because it has so many different stages of life, and it goes through so many forms and changes, and no one can figure it out, and it’s always beautiful. At a time it’s ugly and at a time it’s beautiful too. And that’s me.” (NOLA)

I Am Not A Human Being II is slated to drop Tuesday, March 26th.

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