Lil Wayne’s Got The Internet Goin’ Nuts W/ In-Your-Face Video Launch, “There’s No Quit, There’s No Stopping” [Video]

Lil Wayne’s Got The Internet Goin’ Nuts W/ In-Your-Face Video Launch, “There’s No Quit, There’s No Stopping” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is ready to take on the digital world by announcing plans to launch his very own lifestyle website called in the near future.

While details are still emerging, reports claim fans will get exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Weezy F. Baby from the video-heavy site.

Scoob is a veteran DJ who has grown as an accomplished video director, directing clips like Weezy’s “Steady Mobbin’ ” and “I’m Single as well as DVDs about the Cash Money star. Launching the site adds yet another bullet point to his ever-growing résumé. “This Bread Over Bed thing is more like a lifestyle, it’s more like a way of life,” he explained of the overall concept. The video site will feature exclusive footage with the Young Money boss in his working environment. Viewers will be able to see all the sacrifice that comes hand-in-hand with Weezy’s success. (MTV)

Wayne has also divulged what motivated him to pursue a new website.

“There’s no quit, there’s no stopping, there’s no such thing as a break, and the best part about it is there’s no reason why — the reason is you,” Weezy told MTV News in an exclusive clip announcing his involvement with the new site. “The reason why I don’t stop is because of me, the reason why I don’t sleep is because of me, the reason why I don’t take breaks is because of me. I don’t have to. It’s natural.” (MTV)

In late December, the platinum-selling rapper launched a vlog series called “Weezy’s Sports Corner.”

“When I was locked up, I was blogging from jail through my great friends over at Young Money and with the Young Money website. I started this thing called Weezy’s Sports Corner where I would blog about whatever I felt about the sports topics of that week or that month or whatever. I felt that it was important that I continue that once I got out. This is the continuation of that, so, ladies and gentleman, from now on, every Saturday, you will be able to get this live. We will be posting this every Saturday, weekly. It will be ‘Weezy’s Sports Corner,’ me talking about sports topics — this will be an unscripted show, unrehearsed show. I talk about whatever I want to talk about — if I have guests, they can talk freely, they can speak about whatever they want to speak about.” (“Weezy’s Sports Corner”)

Last year, rap mogul Jay-Z opened up on launching his Life + Times lifestyle website.

“I started working on it in its various incarnations over a year ago,” Hov revealed. “I’ve thought about it forever. You know how it works, seeing other sites and being either inspired or saying, ‘That’s sh*t. I would do it like …’ [How do we post content?] Well there is a basic metric for what we cover but, more importantly, I believe it’s how we cover it. The DNA is to basically let the subject speak for itself. We don’t want to tell you what to think. As far as how personal? I would say it has to pique my interest…I think it’s every human’s job to inspire others, to feed one another’s senses. Inspiration begets inspiration times infinity. Imagine if the person that was inspired to create the phonograph didn’t share it with the world.” (GOOP)

Check out Lil Wayne discussing below:

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