Lil Wayne’s ‘Good Time’ Sidekick Gushes Over Baby: “It’s Perfect To Be Part Of The Cash Money Family”

Lil Wayne’s ‘Good Time’ Sidekick Gushes Over Baby: “It’s Perfect To Be Part Of The Cash Money Family”

Less than 24 hours away from releasing her Lil Wayne-assisted “Good Time” collaboration, Cash Money’s Paris Hilton has discussed her admiration for Weezy F. Baby and why Birdman leaves her in awe.

While still piecing together her Cash Money debut, Hilton revealed what a privilege it is to have Wayne locked-in to her new record.

On Tuesday, Hilton will release her new single and video “Good Time,” featuring Lil Wayne. It’s the first cut off her upcoming album, slated for a 2014 release. “I love being in the studio. Music has always been a huge passion of mine,” Hilton said. “So to be having my new single out with Lil Wayne, it’s just such an honor, and I’m so excited for the world to hear it.” Hilton revealed that she’s more excited than nervous for fans to hear her long-in-the-works material. “I’ve been recording this album for about a year and a half now,” Hilton revealed. “After being in Ibiza I was so inspired I met so many amazing DJs and producers, so people kept sending me different songs and making this album and I’m so proud of it.” (MTV)

She also explained the close-knit bond Cash Money has provided since joining forces earlier this year.

“We ended up meeting up after the video and I played him some of my songs and he loved them and signed a deal together,” Hilton said. “It’s so exciting. I love working with him. He’s so smart and so creative and inspiring and I just look up to him so much as a businessman and what he’s created, and I think it’s perfect to be part of the Cash Money family.” And it seems that the Cash Money family, which includes Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj, are equally as excited to have Hilton on board. “They’ve been so supportive and amazing. I love working with everybody,” Hilton said. “Everyone’s just very hard working and very passionate, and it’s fun to be working with really cool people who I really respect.” (MTV)

Last week, P. Hilton and Weezy F. teased fans with their “Good Time” music video.

For those that have forgotten, Paris Hilton still exists. While the blonde bombshell, and avid shopper, is no longer on everyone’s television screens, she’s still making some news headlines. Fortunately Hilton isn’t in the news for her bad behavior, as it seems that the reality star has grown up from that phase of her life. For Hilton it’s all about the music. Paris Hilton has decided to release her single “Good Time” which is off of her Cash Money Records EDM club record. The single debuts officially on October 1st, and is produced by Afrojack. Hilton’s new single is said to also feature rapper Lil Wayne too. (Inquisitr)

Back in May, Paris broke the new signing announcement and said she was going through Cash Money to drop her sophomore solo album.

But the big news: this nightfly who is really a successful businesswoman is recording her second album of music right now. It will be issued by CashMoney Records and will feature many hip hop acts such as Lil Wayne. Paris told me Afrojack is producing it, and she hopes to have it out this summer. The album release will be preceded by Paris doing a residency playing records (digital tracks) this summer in Ibiza, Spain-which also happens to be the hometown of her eleven years younger male model boyfriend named River. “This is a lot different than my first album,” Paris told me. “It’s really going to be house music.” (Showbiz 411)

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