Lil Wayne’s “Carter IV” Sees Double, Hits Multi-Platinum Status

Lil Wayne’s “Carter IV” Sees Double, Hits Multi-Platinum Status

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has reason to smile these days as his new Tha Carter IV album has already hit double platinum status in less than three months.

According to reports, Weezy’s latest solo effort has been certified multi-platinum.

Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV has officially been certified double platinum according to the RIAA. Weezy’s latest installment of Tha Carter series, which has sold 1,700,000 copies to date, receives the accolade just three months after its August 29th release. C4 is the highest-selling rap album, and highest-selling album from a male artist, period, since Wayne’s 2008 opus, Tha Carter III, which sold 1,005,000 units in its first week. In addition, the disc is the second highest-selling LP of 2011 behind Lady Gaga‘s Born this Way, which sold 1.1 million although Weezy sold C4 for full price, while Gaga had her CD on sale for 99 cents during her first week. (XXL Mag)

In light of Wayne’s huge opening week sales nearly pushing a million copies, rap star 50 Cent recently questioned his numbers.

When we mentioned Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV almost selling a million albums in the first week, 50 let us know immediately that he wasn’t buying the numbers. “To be honest with you, the Lil Wayne sales are a little suspect to me. Because it was trending 600,000 pieces that week. And they didn’t do a million copies, it was like 900,000.” In regards to Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III, which sold a million copies in the first week back in 2008, 50 gives Lil Wayne his props: “Tha Carter III was definitely hot. He did that.” 50 Cent goes on to say: “Tha Carter III commanded that energy, but the last one that just came out, those numbers are funny.” (Global Grind)

Recently, Weezy even revealed his shocked reaction to nearly selling a million in seven days.

“Yeah. H*ll yeah, I’m surprised,” Wayne said when asked about his first-week sales expecations. “No. I was very surprised. I did not think I was gonna do that. I mean, I already did that–I sold a million copies the first week [of Tha Carter III]. I never imagined it would happen again. I think we’d be some greedy motherf*ckers to expect it to happen again, and I’m still shocked that it did.” (GQ)

To date, the Young Money leader’s new LP has sold just over 1.6 million copies.

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV fell three positions to No. 25 with 25,000. Headed into its 13th week, Weezy’s new LP stands at 1,693,200 sold copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some past Lil Wayne footage below:

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