Lil Wayne’s Attorney Reveals Post-Jail Probation Restrictions

Lil Wayne’s Attorney Reveals Post-Jail Probation Restrictions

An attorney for incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne has revealed what limitations his client will have upon being released from Rikers Island later this week.

According to attorney James Tilson, Wayne is required to travel and handle an Arizona drug case.

Although Wayne will have to come to AZ within 72 hours after being freed, he is expected to meet with him on Friday. Once there, he will sign papers to start his 36-month probation term and have the probation transferred to his residence in Florida. “Now he’s on unsupervised probation, which means he doesn’t have very many conditions at all,” Tilson explained to about the guidelines of Wayne’s conviction on one count of possession of a dangerous drug. “The Florida office may have something for him to sign there as well. However, for all intents and purposes, once he leaves Arizona there’s nothing else he has to do here.” (XXL Mag)

In June, Wayne received three years probation for his Arizona drug possession case.

Lil Wayne, already serving one year in a New York jail for a gun-related crime, was sentenced on Wednesday to three years probation in Arizona on a drug possession charge. Under the deal, the 30-year-old Grammy winner pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a dangerous drug. Three other drug and weapons charges were dismissed. Wayne appeared in court via a video hookup from New York, where he has been jailed since March after pleading guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. James Tilson, Carter’s Arizona attorney, said he was pleased with the court’s action. “We’re quite glad that we were able to wrap everything up,” Tilson told Reuters. “It’s a favorable plea agreement that will allow Mr. Carter to pursue his career.” (ABC News)

In early October, Young Money CEO Mack Maine said Wayne would not have a “Welcome Home Weezy” concert take place upon his release from jail on November 4th.

“It’s not gonna be a concert, he’s gonna do a party,” Mack Maine confirmed in an interview. “We wanted to do a concert, but we just decided to do a party. We might do a family party. We just gonna celebrate him coming home and just party-party and work- work. Just wild out and celebrate, fly to Miami, fly to where we live. Of course, he gotta make sure he sees his immediate family, his kids and stuff. Just basically have a good time.” (VIBE)

Cash Money Records co-founder Baby also said the concert would possibly not occur.

“We still haven’t really made up our mind,” Birdman told MTV News. “I think what’s important, we want to see family first. If the concert happens, it happens. But right now, we just want to come home and see our family and party, I think. That’s what we gonna do: just come to Miami, and just party for a minute. Work and party and play. Have the whole team out here, and we gonna do it up. Miami is gonna be Weezy world. Weezy weekend.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Lil Wayne interview down below:

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