Lil Wayne’s “6’7″ Was Fit For A King, “I Couldn’t Think Of Anyone That Could Swag This Out Like [T.I.]”

Lil Wayne’s “6’7″ Was Fit For A King, “I Couldn’t Think Of Anyone That Could Swag This Out Like [T.I.]”

Producer Bangladesh has revealed that Lil Wayne‘s new “6’7″ single was originally made for the “King of the South” to record over.

According to Bang, his past grievances with Cash Money Records initially made him seek out T.I. for the track.

“Due to the situation and the circumstances of the Cash Money situation, I really wasn’t thinking about Wayne at that moment when I made it,” Bang revealed in an interview. “I just knew that the beat was a big track and I couldn’t at the time think of nobody that could swag this out like that or was worthy enough of this beat really…I was actually sending the beat to [Atlantic Records executive] Gee [Robertson] for T.I. I mean, not that I think T.I. would sound good on the beat, they were just looking for a single and somebody said, ‘Man, send that to Gee, T.I. need something.'” (BET)

Bang also admitted he wasn’t confident in T.I.’s interest in the instrumental.

“I know how T.I. is, I knew he wouldn’t really be rocking this beat right there, so I sent it anyway,” he added. “And Gee just hit back talking about Wayne. ‘Man, Wayne’ll kill this, Wayne’ll kill this,’ so I had to really see if I wanted to do it or not, but they’ve been communicating, they’ve been reaching out.” (BET)

Last September, Bang said his problems with Cash Money/Young Money were finally settled.

“[Young Money president] Mack Maine reached out to me not too long ago telling me Wayne wants some beats,” he says. “It’s specific beats that he wants. My thing is, long as this gets taken care of and we don’t have any future problems everything will be worked out. It ain’t the beef with Wayne it’s just the whole label. I really never had too much of a relationship with Wayne, it was just more of a mutual friend type of thing. I guess [Mack Maine] talked to him from jail and he reached out to me telling me Nicki [Minaj] wanted something and, something I already did.” (The Boom Box)

Prior to their issues getting ironed out, Bang hit up SOHH and opened up about the dispute which originated from him his lack of compensation for Tha Carter III production.

“You really have to ask [Drake and Nicki Minaj], I don’t have no problems with them,” Bang told SOHH when asked if his situation would sever any ties with Young Money artists. “It will really be up to them. That’s their camp that they’re a part of so if they have a certain feeling, a certain outlook on the situation, that’s on them. I don’t have a problem with Drake or Nicki Minaj. I would work with them anytime.” (SOHH)

Check out “6’7″ down below:

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