Lil’ Wayne Wins Felony Case, Drug Charges Dropped

Lil’ Wayne Wins Felony Case, Drug Charges Dropped

Grammy-winning rapper Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter‘s felony drug charges from a 2006 Georgia case were dropped this week.

The decision came down to a matter of unauthorized search on behalf of authorities.

On Tuesday (March 3), Fulton County Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson granted the rapper’s request to suppress on the basis of an illegal search. Carter’s attorney, William Head, said his client wasn’t staying in the room where the arrest was made. (Associated Press)

The incident took place nearly three years ago.

Wayne was arrested back in 2006 after Atlanta police said they found unmarked bottles of hydrocodone and Xanax along with two marijuana joints in a hotel room. (TMZ)

He was later arrested for not making a court appearance the following year.

Carter was arrested on a fugitive warrant in October 2007 for failing to appear at a court date in Fulton County on the charges. But Head said his client never received the summons because it was sent to his former home in New Orleans, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. (WSBTV News)

Despite this victory, Weezy is scheduled to appear in court next month.

A New York City judge says a handgun found on rapper Lil Wayne’s tour bus can be used as evidence at his trial. Justice Charles Solomon set April 20 as the hip-hopper’s trial date. (SOHH)

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