Lil Wayne Watches Arch Rival Heat Go Down In Indy

Lil Wayne Watches Arch Rival Heat Go Down In Indy

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne may have predicted the Miami Heat will win back-to-back NBA championships this year but the Young Money boss watched the LeBron James-led team suffer a 77-91 loss to the Indiana Pacers over the weekend.

Weezy F. Baby popped up at Saturday night’s game sitting alongside Indy native Mike Epps.

Lil Wayne attended Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals yesterday at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana to watch the Indiana Pacers play Miami Heat. Also sitting courtside with Weezy F Baby was Mack Maine and comedian Mike Epps. (Lil Wayne HQ)

Last month, Wayne predicted the Western Conference San Antonio Spurs would make it to the NBA Finals but eventually lose to the Heat.

With his beloved L.A. Lakers out of contention, the South Beach resident now believes that LeBron James and the Miami Heat are the clear-cut favorite to take the basketball crown. Clearly his past spat with the team hasn’t affected how he analyzes the game. “C’mon man, you know you can’t beat that machine out here in Miami man. Nobody can beat that machine. I have yet to see someone beat that machine,” he said. “I think the [San Antonio] Spurs will give them a run for their money but, that machine, the Miami Heat.” (MTV)

Prior to reaching the Western Conference Finals, Weezy F. Baby attended one of the Spurs’ road playoff games.

Lil Wayne is just ‘bandwagoning’ it up huh? I know everyone keeps saying that, but can’t he just be a big NBA fan?! If I had the opportunity, I’d go to all the NBA games I could go to too…just for the fun of it. I would like to know exactly which team is HIS team though?! The Spurs took a 3-2 lead over the Warriors in the Western Conference semifinals by winning last night 109-91. Tunechi was courtside for the game. (In Flex We Trust)

Over the winter, Wayne talked about the backlash he received from Miami after dissing the entire Heat team at a February concert.

“Yeah, I heard about that, that’s what I want to clear up,” Wayne said in an interview when told the entire city of Miami was upset with him. “First of all, I ain’t have a cup. I can’t drink anything. Actually, I had a little bit too much to ‘think’ that night. Yeah, [laughs], I had too many thoughts on my mind that night but let me start off saying I don’t apologzie for that night. I don’t apologize for being who I am. That’s who I am. This is who I am and yes I did say those things. The only thing I do want to take back from saying that night is I said, ‘F LeBron,’ I didn’t mean to say that because me and LeBron are cool and I know his mom and we have a real good relationship. That’s my homie, it just slipped out. Other than that, I don’t take nothing back and like I said, I don’t apologize for being me. This is who I am. Now do you want an explanation for where all that came from?” (99 Jamz)

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