Lil Wayne Wants To Load “Carter IV” With Tech N9ne

Lil Wayne Wants To Load “Carter IV” With Tech N9ne

Incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne is reportedly looking to place Midwest emcee Tech N9ne onto his forthcoming Tha Carter IV album.

Based on a conversation Tech had with Wayne, there are talks for him to appear on the November release.

“We talked about creationism and Darwinism, man,” Tech said about visiting Wayne. “We talked a lot about people, we talked about Kanye [West], we talked about Waka Flocka, we talked about Nicki Minaj, we talked about T.I…. But three hours just kickin’ it, man… It was a wonderful visit. They say at Rikers Island you can only get like an hour or two but we were there for like three and a half hours just going until the warden came in…[Wayne] also said that he wanted me on Tha Carter IV and I’m like, ‘Yeah, n*gga, let’s go,’ — I said, ‘I got one for you, too.’ I got [a song] called ‘This is Hip-Hop,’ if I could get Marsha Ambrosius to sing on there and possibly get Eminem on it, too… He was like that sounds dope.” (XXL Mag)

Last month, Tech talked about learning of Wayne’s interest to record with him.

“His people have been contacting us already, so I’m anxious to see what he sends me,” N9ne said in an interview. “I’m hearing his camp is all ready to send over some music. And I’ll be in NewYork soon so hopefully I can visit him before he gets out. I just want to thank Wayne for even mentioning me. I’ve been following his career since he started. Just watching him evolve–he was always clever with the rhymes. My own quest was always to get my music out to everybody in [the] world and working with Wayne is truly a way to get it out there.” (VIBE)

In an interview with radio host Funkmaster Flex last month, Wayne revealed his admiration for Tech.

“I’ve been saying to myself that I really want to do a song with either Andre 3000 or my man…Tech N9ne,” he said. “Other than that, I’ve been really trying to do a song with this little dude, this boy Weezy. That boy Weezy, he’s stupid [laughs].” (Hip Hop DX)

Young Money president Mack Maine has plans to drop Carter IV on the day Wayne is released from Rikers Island in early November.

Tha Carter IV plans we had and still have are to put Tha Carter IV out the day he comes out [of prison],” Mack said in an interview. “He had so many songs for Tha Carter IV, we said let’s just put these 10 songs out [on I Am Not a Human Being] and double-back for Tha Carter IV. He has more songs for Tha Carter IV that are still strong…It’s basically me, him, Baby and [manager] Cortez Bryant mapping it out. We had a listening session out here. It was me, Baby and Cortez. I let [Wayne] know these are the ones we picked. He already picked six of them from back there. I let him hear it over the phone. I book him a studio session — kinda like I did for the ‘Light Up’ up remix with Drake. I book him a studio session and let him listen [to tracks] over the phone. ‘Do you like this one?’ ‘Yeah?'” (MTV)

Check out Tech N9ne speaking on Lil Wayne down below:

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